Why Are Texas Instruments Calculators So Expensive? [LGR Tech Tales Addendum]

What makes TI graphing calculators cost so much? Mostly, it’s because they can. But let’s dive into the details in the video!

This is an addendum to LGR Tech Tales – The Calculator Wars:

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Nicholas Cabrera says:

TI-83 was an inside job.

srarcade says:

Damn I gave away my ti-89 years ago thinking it’s worthless.

HaloModder555 says:

They cost $100~ because they’re the only electronic devices most professors allow in the classroom, especially during tests. lol

kittylactose says:

Key concepts that won’t be used outside of any field that uses math.

ウルヰ says:

If anything, they got some people to go into the world of programming.

fjl05 says:

I bought a TI-89 back in college 20 years ago. I just checked the current price for that model today and it goes for the same price it did 20 years ago. Even back then I realized that I was overpaying for something of low tech that is easily and cheaply mass produced and that the only reason they charged so much was because they where a monopoly. For pete’s sake the clunky old black and white gameboy was a way more advanced computing system and it would cost less. The TI graphic calculators were just glorified dot matrix LCD displays like the first crappy Gameboys released back in the 80’s but with less computing power.

inteli722 says:

I have a TI Nspire CX CAS and I use the HP 48GX emulator on my phone for 99% of my calculating. I need a real 48.

Rutger Grobbelaar says:

Where i live you only get casio and sharp calculators

Yassine Saïdi says:

In Europe (namely, France), it was not exactly the same story. During middle school and high school, each school, and sometimes each teacher, had “its” brand of calculator. Some years I had to buy a Casio only to learn the next year that the new teacher wants a Texas Instruments and no substitute.

Was a pain in the arse. Some years after graduating, I now have 3 Casios and 2 TIs sitting on my shelf.

danny fox says:

yo what’s the one with like camera on it

some one says:

Here in Brazil HP dominates the market of graphing calculators. Almost all engineering students have a HP calculator. Most of my classmates had one of those and many of them never even heard about Texas Instruments. I still have my HP 50G that I used in college, but never used it since I graduated.
And they are also still expensive, I don’t know why they charge so much for such a simple and outdated hardware.

Hoodie Brad says:

Fuck TI, they aint wasting my fucking money, my 25$ android works 15 times better

Vadym Mykhaylyuk says:

I live in Spain. Got a Casio calculator without graphical functions and never felt more happier back than.

Astronut says:

At 1:41 666 is on the paper coming out of the calculator

Ari Faith says:

The education system is really fucked. During the ACT, we’re not allowed to borrow calculators. But they also don’t provide them. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to spend $130 bucks on a fucking calculator.


So… basically Texas Instruments’ move was “Business!” and “America first!”, huh? 😛

JSN Gaming says:

Ti 84 plus ce MASTER RACE!!! (even though i just put alot of games on it)

Choo Kwang Zhee says:

the same thing in Singapore.

Zach Ashton says:

Yet in the UK Casio rules supreme….

Anthony Guarino says:

I bought a used TI-81 for my calculus class last quarter and fared just a well as my classmates with the 89 model. I found it for 15 dollars on eBay, i recommend this route for all students.

Sil the Redorbshipping Kyurem says:

I got the N-Spire CX for $110 because go big or go home so I get an advantage in school

Currently trying to get GBA to work on it.

Legit the best thing about it is if you can get it to work you can play Pokémon in class

Randolph Carter says:

Muchas gracias por los subs en español, así puedo disfrutar de todos los videos de tu canal. Saludos desde Perú LGR

Kellan Gaming says:

I got mine for free, my neighbor is a math teacher lol.

CrimFerret says:

Sadly, Hewlett Packard pretty much gave up on the market. Their calculators were always higher quality and generally more capable, but they were more aimed at engineers. By the time HP did a decent graphing calculator (the 28C was abysmal to actually use), TI had the lock on the market. I actually still use my HP41CX when I need to use a calculator away from the computer. It still has the feel of a really high quality instrument, something TI never had and never will.

freedomvigilant1234 says:

My sister completed her A Level in Mathematics with a Casio FX-7000 calculator.

aroo aroo says:

They let us use them in tests, but we had to verify a RAM/ROM wipe beforehand. But did anybody actually have more than two kids in a class that knew how to write a script or use the transfer cable?

TheAntiEggroll says:

The only thing that matters is which of these calculators can play drug wars the best

Christopher Scharf says:

Huh they still have those ancient things?

Olli Ikonen says:

When your new high-school Ti calculator is bigger than your smartphone and expensive as shit!

Vadym Mykhaylyuk says:

But can it run Crysis?

TheReck says:

Boy I’m running an emulator of the ti 84 for free on my phone idk why ppl spend money on them

DanTheMan says:

You can get a TI-89 emulator for Android for FREE

Maximilian Hacker says:

I was a scolar in the middle of that mess – my brother had a sharp 1403 pocket computer which had a very interesting dot matrix display (that was great for little graphical games), my father had the casio FX7000G which I hated, because it was a hassle to use. I preferred normal scientific calculators by far and made graphical calculations with derive on our PC. When I later got a TI 92 I was in heaven and fell in love with it almost instantly. With its nice pretty print functionality and logic editing functions it set a new benchmark for its size. While the color screen of the rivaling casio was nothing more than a gimmick in my opinion, the improved display of the TI 92+ fullfilled the most wished step forward for me.
So while you are surely right on the spot if you think Texas Instruments had some strong ties to gov decision makers, you should not forget that derive had set a school standard long before on home computers – and the TI graphical calculators took that further on ultra portable, affordable calculators with new additional functions that made them a superior machine compared to the competition.
In my opinion the real sad part of the story is, that hardly any of these great TI machines were actually used up to their potential. In addition to obvious mathematic class use they could have been used for programming classes, physics classes, statistics and learning about feedback control systems with complex algorithms and graphical visualization. But only few teachers saw potential and most never took a closer look, because the machines simply seemed to be expensive and uncontrollable in terms of cheating possibilities.

XShadeFire says:

Intel, the computer inside

Jennifer Devereaux says:

I never trusted Ross Perrot, little creepy fucker.

J K says:


I see the little professor there!

Kellan Gaming says:

I am watching this video with my ti-84 in my hand 😛

CD8T LFA1 says:

Why schools require these specific calculators, kickbacks. Typical corrupt americans.

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