What’s the best calculator for the CA Engineering Surveying Exam?

This video compares three popular calculators approved for the surveying exam by the California BPELSG: TI-36X Pro, TI-89 Titanium, and FX-115 ES. The FX-115 is by far the fastest for entering DMS angles.

Also, although not noted in the video, FX-115 (and TI-36x Pro) are only about $20, while TI-89 is upwards of $100.

TI-36x Pro: https://www.amazon.com/Texas-Instruments-Engineering-Scientific-Calculator/dp/B004NBZB2Y/

TI-89 Titanium: https://www.amazon.com/Texas-Instruments-Titanium-Graphing-Calculator/dp/B0001EMLZ2

FX-115 ES Plus: https://www.amazon.com/Casio-fx-115ES-Engineering-Scientific-Calculator/dp/B007W7SGLO/


El Mahdi Ettaleb says:

TI relies on it’s U.S monopoly to survive. In other countries Casio is by far the most popular since even the 500 function calculator is 20$, easy to use and durable

Marissa Carranza says:

You’re the most badass engineer I’ve ever known

PowerPoint Presentation Master PPM says:

I like Casio fx-570ES plus natural-V.P.A.M

Irish Chocolate says:

Comparing the TI-36X Pro to the Casio 115ES Plus is reasonable. The TI-89 Titanium not so much since you are sacrificing ease of use for a lot more power. You are really comparing apples to oranges.
Also I own both the Casio 115 ES plus and the TI-36X Pro. I agree that the DMS button on the Casio is much more convenient. However, TI designed the 36X Pro to be more menu driven. It may slow it down compared to the Casio but it makes the TI overall a little easier to use.

George Obregon says:

Terrific video. I always carry a little pocket Casio fx-260 scientific with my TI-36X Pro, because the sexagesimal calculations (DMS) on Casio are very simple and fast.

Craig Diamond says:

The best calculator I can find for the price was the Casio fx-991es plus c which is the Canadian version of the fx-115es plus…Thumbs up, this calc rules…it does so many little things that the rest don’t….like repeating decimal…by far the most accurate calc I own…I also have a awesome pc simulator of it as well. Oh and the Sharp EL-w516X is just as easy to enter that equation with the DMS key…

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