Tricks for Your Calculator | 2017

Hey how’s it going Guys this is Cooper and in today’s video I’m gonna teach you some cool and exciting Calculator Tricks.

All the Steps are Mentioned in the Video so do watch it Carefully and in the Highest Quality😅😅

The Calculator I’m using is the Casio fx-82es Plus

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Amor Vincent says:

Nerd game on fleek!!!

Eric Lim says:

Do u know how to do insufficient memory but it is supposed to be insufficient mem in the calculator

Fun tube says:

oxm bro

kokono shimada says:

the last trick was nice! love it!!! thx

Yasmin GD says:

I have the same calculator

LiL MγͲH says:

fuck’n legend right here

Ahmad Bin Farooq says:


Volt jolt says:

Stuff to do in the exams…

Ankit Das says:

How much is your calculator?

Garbage man says:

I have a lower gen Casio calculator and the first one didn’t work

Creeper Crusher says:

Typ 1134 on it then turn it upside down! It is hilarious!

Daniyal Raza says:


tarun Rj Safidon says:

Bhai ye jo on ka button h ye sab button se thoda niche h na

Dragoon Blaze says:

I knew all of them

Noor Azlera says:

Nice video. You could also teach how to get AC Break, Math, Syntax, Stack and Argument errors.

qq .q says:

2:00 I turned mine off ha

Roflcopter slickers says:


Rock9 Guyz says:

can u say the trick for not bringing 5 in random number of your trick1

Javier Hernandez says:

El nopalazo a distancia se nota.

RS says:

I can write poop in the calculator

りきんぷす says:

u r GOD!

ay zmz says:

this is SPARTA

Tykan says:

The multiplication trick may save me if it’s massive

sujeet kumar says:

Hello sir
My question please help.

4.437 kd is equal to 10,000
1 kd is equal to how much?

DJ REMIX says:

i also use fx-82ES PLUS and i know first 3 tricks and 5 no. but 4 no. i don’t know

Liliana Calix says:

Was disappointed he didn’t type in 5318008 and turn it upside down

Evil Smile邪惡之笑 says:

doesnt work

Ákos Rutai says:

If your a nerd, ask a girl for her number then whip out your casio XD

LP mit Lucky says:

Bruh. I have the fx 82de plus

viralfidget spinner says:

I have the sme calculator

200 subs with no videos says:

First trick: *can run doom*

Ben Tarnowski says:

I should be doing exam revision…

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