Top 5 reasons of getting the Casio fx-115ES PLUS (perfect for EIT, FE exams, back to shool)

Here are my top 5 reasons of getting the Casio fx-115ES PLUS scientific calculator, back to school calculator

Fractions: @0:38
Square Roots: @3:58
Exponents: @6:46
System of Equations: @8:40
Quadratic Equations: @13:18

Perfect for FE and EIT exam

Bonus features:

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김하늘 says:

wait -3 squared is not -9 it’s 9 because -3*-3=9

Sharon Garcia says:

What degree mode should or can you be in?

Candy Slut says:

Could you tell me a good easy to learn calculator for C2 A level? This stuff I can do on my own or with my bog standard calculator. I have my C2 exam in 4 days and I want a calculator I can learn to use by then. Thank youuu

Laynus Socas Torres says:

If I’m correct, this is the same as the fx 991es plus, right?

Mit Tressler says:

Just an epiphany moment for me… at around 14 min when using the calculator to factor, the problem was x^2+2x-15=0. The answer was x= 3 and -5. For class, you write the solution as (x+3)(x-5). I am not sure why it took me forever to figure that out, but thank you for your videos- they have been helpful to me and I’m happy to finally be able to understand how to solve these equations using my calculator.

Eric Hernandez says:

Does anyone know what the difference is between the Fx-115 and the Fx-991?

Cosmic Paudel says:

Casio 991EX is better.

comic4relief says:

Casios are good. I want a programmable one : D

Alwin Priven says:

this looks like the fx-99, and does basically everything the 99 does. so why this one?

Mr Natgeo says:

brilliant video, Thanks

Craig Diamond says:

Most functional solar calculator you can get…fx-991es plus c  is exactly the same…


well its quite similar to fx-991ES plus

Desiree Junfijaih says:

Thank you! I recently received the calculator in replace of my old one, and wasn’t sure how to use it. Thanks for the help

James Doyle says:

Thanks for this video, gonna get this today!

geri says:

Yo dude, youre a beast.
I was studying the FE exam on some other guy’s video and came across your video’s thumbnail. My roommate and I have the exact same jerseys as you (im the vince carter fan, he’s the warriors fan), but still such a coincedence. GO VC !! if you wanna check out the video I made of him check out my page!

peace out,
fellow vc fan

Julio Sanchez says:

ill keep on my old but lovely Casio fx-9860GII…

Thomas Cowley says:

love your content man 🙂

Metalhammer1993 says:

two reasons 1) it´s cheap 2) it get´s the job done. i love this thing it´s a butt saver since my last three years in school. so kinda cool to see my old “friend” getting appraised by a professional mathematician

Mos Rus says:

Get the Casio CLASSWIZ instead. It is a newer and improved version of the 115ES+.

Djay sib says:

thank you very much brother

Z-Statistic says:

I don’t bother with handheld calculators anymore.

I use R and Wolfram Alpha.

Michael T says:

Best….. Thanks for sharing.

Mlogan11 says:

The main weakness of Casio calculators is it doesn’t allow power down memory storage. Turning off your calculator means losing any date to put in. HP, TI, and Sharp all have power down memory protection.

Sharon Garcia says:

I experimented with many ways to arrive at your answer because in degree mode it wasn’t working (I have the exact same calculator and love it). What I found is that I ended up having to use the regular parentheses instead of the negative parentheses. I got the answer when manually using the regualr patentheses and inputting the -2. I don’t know why it wouldn’t work with the – parentheses, but all the same, it was just one – to put…thank you. I was in degree mode. I don’t know if it matters what mode, because I tried a few modes and got the same mistake with the negative parenthesis. 🙂

AlchemistOfNirnroot says:

4/0=undefined, 0/4=0

Michael Gainey says:

I just bought this calculator because I saw it could do prime factorization. I didn’t even know about the fractions. Thanks for the tutorial.

Ryan TTC says:

I have the standard fx-115ES, and systems of equations that have either no solution or infinite solutions will result in a Math Error.

Vanessa Sanchez says:

love your videos!! thanks for the help!!

Toonaratch Niemkham says:

I find the function 14:29 is not available for my fx991ES PLUS 🙁 Is this normal ?

Fightclub1995 says:

This is a great calculator, especially the integrate function.

michalchik says:

he didn’t even get to the good part, the complex equations, the arbitrary base logs, the polar coordinates and CIS notation, the equation solver, the numeric integration and differentiation comma the series solver, this easily takes you all the way through pre calculus and into calculus

Stephany Louis says:

Thank you.

harken says:

Always used TI scientific in high school and in college TI89. Going to try this one out over the ti 36x pro. Anyone have any input with selecting between the two?

Ron Weasley says:

at 14:28 it shows minimum point but mine only shows solutions and i cant scroll down to show minimum point

hdmat101 says:

Is there any mobile calculator apps that can do the same or more of this calculator’s abilities?

3lectronic0 says:

Hi, Texas Instruments ti 36x pro or this one?

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