Top 10 Best Scientific Calculators In 2015 Reviews

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4. Casio FX-260SLRSC Scientific Calculator
Casio FX-260SLRSC Scientific Calculator
The Casio FX-260 is what many might call a classic scientific calculator with a traditional 10 digit and two lines display and all the basic functions. It a tool that will feel familiar to the ones that used to work with scientific calculators. It is battery powered but also comes with a solar cell to extend its life span. The product is bundled with a hard slide case and the battery is included. It is completely made of plastic and has large enough buttons to make it easy to operate.

3. Canon F-719SG Scientific Calculator
Canon F-719SG Scientific Calculator
The Canon F-719SG is a compact portable scientific calculator. It has smaller buttons and a more crowded layout to save as much space as possible and make it a small productivity tool. It has a two line display and a solar cell to save battery power. In terms of usability, the calculator has 38 built-in formulas, no less than 302 functions and it is made of recycled materials.

2. HP 33S Scientific Calculator
HP 33S Scientific Calculator
The HP 33S is a professional grade scientific calculator. It is more expensive than most other models but it makes up for it with its features and premium construction. HP made their calculator sturdy and durable. It comes with a 32 KB memory and about 27 memory slots for functions. The display supports two lines and it automatically turns off when not used for a period of time.

1. Casio FX-300ES Plus
Casio FX-300ES Plus
Even if almost all other calculators in the list are a bit more expensive the Casio FX is one of the best models available. The display supports up to 6 lines which can be used for complex and long formulas. The design and build quality are superior despite being so inexpensive. Due to its display the functions will always look exactly like in a textbook making them easy to read and edit. Unlike other models the calculator comes with a power cell that can power the device without the aid of a battery.


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bruh casio fx 991ex classwiz is the best

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