TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator Review

This is my review of the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator, the newest addition to the Ti-84 graphing calculator family. It is a wonderful calculator to use through high school and parts of college. It boasts a 320 x 240 backlit color display (76,800 pixels), 3MB of RAM and 154 KB of ROM. It has a rechargeable battery that comes in place of having to use four bulky AA batteries. It comes with preloaded apps, and will likely be compatible with Doors eventually, so games will be available on the calculator. It has all the functions of any TI-84 calculator, so there is nothing new to learn. It is accepted on most standardized tests. Included is the calculator, a protection faceplate, a transfer cable (for transferring data from one calculator to the next), a mini usb charging cable, and a 5 watt wall adapter.

TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator (Black) –http://www.amazon.com/Texas-Instruments-TI-84-Graphing-Calculator/dp/B00TFYYWQA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1437171338&sr=8-1&keywords=ti-84+plus+ce

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Filmed on the Canon T5i, 18-55mm STM lens, Blue Snowball Mic


Yahya Mohamad says:

Thanks man, great review. Kinda disappointed because none of my professors allow the use of the CAS version which is what I wanted. But I’ll settle for this one now that I’ve seen what it can do.

Stephanie Hughes says:

What calculator is good for mathematics for economists, economists, data scientist, financial analyst, statistics, linear algebra, uni-variable and multi-variable calculus. I like the graphing and upload to an Excel spreadsheet on your computer.

MelonGamez HD says:

can you install games now?

Jomerd Jomerd says:

which calculator is better, ti-84 plus c silver edition or ti-84 plus ce-t ???

Ed Lee says:

I want the best calculator for storing text notes and also equations… I have a mac but also have access to PC’s

What are your thoughts?

Emery Clark says:

My grandma got mine at Wal-Mart for $88

Sharan says:

what is the difference between the ti 84 plus CE and the ti 84 plus CE-T

Not My Name says:

Does this thing have internal storage? Or does it store games on the RAM ?

Official williams says:

What’s the difference from this and the regular ti 84 plus

Tayohni says:

Thank you for doing this video.  Finally got a good sample of what this thing can do.  I tried to talk to some salespeople at different stores who were BEHIND THE ELECTRONICS COUNTER, standing behind signs that say they’re present to answer my questions.  And supposedly they know at least something about this calculator?!  HA!  They didn’t even have ONE Clue what I meant when I asked even the simplest things.  I was so tempted to pick on them people and ask them to tell me how to turn it off.  That’d leave them standing there for 3 hours looking for the off key.  Funny…but really sad too.

Kim says:

Do games work already 😛

eastmountainfilms says:

In reality, in July 2015, there were games for the 84+CE. Do a little research first 🙂
of course now there are loads of games available. when the 84+ce came out, some 84+CSE games were still compatible with the CE.

Rebel's Paradox says:

i got mine, but its not in full screen, is there a way to adjust that?

Binaya Mishra says:

Does turning the Teched Acentopes off have any negative consequences in any other functions of the calculator?

Caulder says:

I’ve been able to put games like Pac-Man on mine simply by inserting them into TI Connect

San MacLover says:

OMG, Noah…slow down.  I think you are sharing good information try slowing down…. you are talking a bit fast.  I am having a heck of a time following what you are showing.  I guess it you are super familiar with TI 84 then you can followed.  Please try to tell me again, what do you turn off to speed up the calculator?  Keep up the good work but….slow down please.

That Serb says:

whats the difference between a ti-84 plus ce and the ce-t version?

Roni R says:

I had the TI -84 Plus C silver edition but I got stolen and I ordered the TI-84 Plus CE. I’m so excited!! And yes, color helps a lot!! And the previous version did graph slow.

Colten Hicks says:

Can it calculate indefinite integrals?

Robert Norton says:

“5 Watt charging brick”??????
I’m pretty sure that would destroy the calculator.
Correct adapter specs are 5V – 1000mAh

Keeli Capri says:

You should have got a red one

MegaOwy123 says:

2:58 “they look really great in HD;” 320 x 240

Lola Terwijl says:

how do you do the line between two numbers like 2/3 but straight under the number?

Matthew Buffa says:

God I’m a nerd.. Watching a video on a new graphing calculator

Danny Rodriguez says:

What can the periodic table app do? Can it calculate molar mass of compounds?

Ciaran Van,gool says:

How can you download games on it

Ryan Mattox says:

If you turn it off then you don’t get as precise of graphing. I would rather have it right than faster

Cole's Corner says:

Great video! I have a calculator review on my channel as well! It is really in depth and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out.

Here’s the vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3z73onRP_k

Ezra Epirus says:

If someone needs a link to find something on Amazon, then they are not even smart enough to use this device in the first place. Good review by the way.

Krueger Flips says:

So my calculator came with all those apps in the beginning (ex. Periodic table, finance, etc.) But now they have magically disappeared! (Except for finance). Does anyone know how i can get them back? Thanks

Clay Collins says:

Are you able to answer a specific question?? If so, I’m using the inequalz app for linear programming and having difficulty. My TI-84 plus can reverse shade to find the corner points, but with the TI-84 CE I do not see the option to reverse shade once the inequalities are entered. In the TI-84 plus, Shades and PoI-Trace is a choice on the screen once graphed, but not on the TI-84 CE. Any advice you could give would be great… Thanks.

Ana Mendoza says:

how u turn it off? I got it today and Idk how to turn it off! please help me:(

Simon Y says:

Its on amazon best price i have found so far!!! http://amzn.to/2avgZ9d

Paige V says:

Does anyone know how to put textbook fractions into this calculator.??? Please answer if so.!!

Cynthia Sexton says:

I bought a CE a few weeks ago and I am about ready to throw it into Tampa Bay. Now I carry both the CE and the Silver with me. Why look like a fool when I go into class and tests with 2 calculators? It’s because the CE removed the ability to answer questions automatically in fraction format. Here’s an example. On the CE type in the fraction 2/3. It will convert to the decimal .6666666667. Awesome. Now – try to convert that back into a fraction. You can’t. You can’t until the end of time. So, tell me, how awesome is that? To have all of your answers in decimal format where you might or most likely will not be able to convert back into a logical and recognizable value? Calculating function graph intercepts and values in Calculus are also real fun when 2 decimal points are dropped from the x values displayed as decimals that I will never be able to convert into a fraction on this device. This calculator should come with a crystal ball to help me guess. What makes it a real party favor is the fact that Pearson Edu Math applications require all the answers on homework, quizzes, tests, midterms and finals to be entered as fractions! This thing is an overpriced piece of useless junk. Sure it has pretty color and a lot of features – but the basics, the basic taken for granted things you depend on to work are not there. That makes the CE undependable. I chalk it up to lazy programming which was most likely outsourced to save a few bucks.

1984sFinest says:

320 x 240 is not HD. It has a higher resolution than the 84 but the CE is a far cry away from HD. Good video though.

buttercup cake says:

My supplies list says TI-84 I got the one in the video is it acceptable ?

Taylor Dean says:

I got mine at $89 at Target today 🙂

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