TI-36X Pro Calculator Review

A review of the Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro that includes comparisons to the Casio FX-115MS and TI-89 Titanium. The review covers features of this calculator and pros and cons verses other models.


@Resident_41 says:

do you know how can I type infinite symbol on this?

Trance Jams says:

Anybody know how high a decimal this calculator can convert to binary? For instance, can I convert something like 2048 to binary. Also can it convert irrational numbers to binary?

Mahi R says:

Can it find the determinant of a Matrix?

fcdog555 says:

Could you please give the date of the calculator?
Would be interested to know which calc released had that error.
Two of my 36x don’t have the error.

Mark H. Harris says:

Thank you for this video. I am posting today to give everyone an update on the status of this problem. TI attempted a fix of this problem (sometime around Jan 2014) but the problem persists, but is nuanced a bit from this video, hence my post update.
My calculator has a manufacturing code of K-0614B which means it was assembled in June of 2014, and yes, my machine has this bug also.
What ‘triggers’ the bug in the later level models of the TI36x Pro is the mixed number conversion algorithm [math] [1] [enter].  Once that happens EVEN once, the calculator will show incorrect results with PI in MathPrint. Again, clearing the memory (reseting the machine) clears the bug temporarily until the next mixed number conversion. 
One, avoid mixed number conversions combined with PI.  Two, be careful to clear the calculator after mixed number conversions if PI calcs are going to be subsequently performed. Three, you might want to set your MODE to engineering, and Classic.   Remember, clearing the memory also sets your MODE to defaults!
OK, so let’s see how this is nuanced on a 2014 TI36x Pro:
Clear the memory by holding [on] and pressing [clear], then press [clear].
Type [math] [1] [enter]          (this will trigger the bug)
        0             returns 0
Type PI  12.5 ^2  [<>] [enter]
        156   PI/4          ouch, there is our bad result
(but now watch this, TI got half the fix right)
Type [<>]         (to toggle back to decimal)
        SYNTAX Error         (whoa—  TI knows the form is bad!)

For those of you who might still be confused by this, by definition a mixed number may not contain a transcendental number in any of its parts; by definition the parts must all be whole integers.  So, having PI as a numerator component of the fractional part of the mixed number is bogus;  and this is still happening on recent deliverables from TI ONCE the mixed number conversion algorithm has been tripped.

I spoke with a rep from TI this morning and was told ‘he’ has never heard of it…  he even asked me to walk him through the scenario, which I politely did. He told me he would report it !     ~nice, huh?

So, you have several options:
1) set the mode of your calculator in Classic, and Eng (three decimals) and leave it there;  but, be aware that clearing the memory resets the defaults!
2) Avoid mixed number conversions with PI
3) Avoid mixed number conversions completely, and be careful to reset the machine if subsequent PI calcs are necessary.

The rep at TI said they DO NOT EVER recall calculators with bad logic.  They DO replace are refund within the warranty period. He told me they would prefer I return it to the store if purchased within the first 30 days of the warranty period. 

So, don’t hold your breath for a fix, and never expect a recall— having said all this,  I’m not returning my calculator.  It will probably be worth a lot of cash someday to calculator collectors (like me) because of this flaw— depending on how many survive for the next thirty years!

Cheers folks!

ThatAfrican says:

How do I change the mode to NORA, But when I press ENTER nothing happens.

sip zik says:

how do you turn it off

Dave Houghton says:

The issue with the calculator described in the end is not actually an issue. The way it is being displayed is confusing, however. This (Wolfram Alfa link below) is what the calculator is trying to show you, which is totally accurate.

Lagos3sgte says:

Thanks for the excellent review. I just purchased this calculator today from Staples, and can verify that mine does NOT have the calculation bug. Seems they listened to the feedback and resolved the issue. 

GPProductions says:

i have NO idea why tf i am watching a calculator review… but nice video

simi ruprai says:

Can this simplify rational equations?

Gulab Singh says:

How can we add or subtract degrees in this calculator ?. I could not find the option in this calculator

Juan Gallegos says:

still not recalled. was looking into buying one. 

Brian Anderson says:

Since it doesn’t make or show you a graph, I’m pretty sure it’s considered a scientific calculator.

KnowJesusKnowPeace says:

Everyone’s going to make multitouch soon. Just have to slow down and look at what you’re doing. I’ve always hated the 2nd F buttons.

lili M says:

This is such a useless calculator, it repeatedly gave me wrong answers by adding to the previous answers.

I cant even find the exponents ( 10 to power of ….)

fcdog555 says:

One of my favorite scientific calculators

Phased Spaces says:

Go get a DS

Marcus Aurelius says:

The “error” is not really an error. When you are converting back to fraction form, you are getting (625pi)/4 as a mixed number 156 and 1/4 pi, not 156 times pi/4. 2 and 1/2 is the same thing as 5/2 but as a mixed number, you wouldn’t say 2 times 1/2, which is one.

Chase Whitney says:

2 years later and the error is fixed…..excellent 

wtasdf67 says:

error might be happening because of rounding?? 156*4=624  which is very close to  625


I’m gonna get this over the casio. 

Johann says:

which is better casio 115 es or this one?

Portia Harris says:

I’m not sure if it’s explained correctly in this tutorial or not, but i can’t see where this shows us how to use variables with exponents on here. Meaning, 6xsquared + 8ysqaured, just examples such as those. or fractions using the variables and the exponents. I’m pressing what i believe would be correct like he is using, but it’s not actually helping. So exactly how do i do them, and what keys am i actually using?

bako1208 says:

do not use it for % it cant add a simple 100+3% it shoots out 100.03. I spoke with their customer service they told me to either do it in my head or use another calculator to verify this one. Really? If there are other users of this calculators out there try it and post your results. I bought mine july 2016. Oh by the way the one they have at customer service does the same thing

HackersSun says:

This is a HIGHLY underrated calculator.
This has bailed me out and “cheated” me through ALL of my chemistry AND physics classes.
IN ADDITION precalc to calc 3
The clear fraction function is INVALUABLE
Allows me to keep track of all the conversions

Lezette Montion says:

Thank you for the review

Alwin Christo says:

I found no error in my 36x-pro, i think they are solved

harken says:

I understand that the computation bug for decimal and fraction number conversion has been fixed but is there a USB port to update the software or do we just purchase them brand new? What serial number denotation can I reference to ensure a calculator does not have this issue? Trying to get one for my FE exam

heerhena Patel says:

I can’t seem to find the pi button. Does this calculator have a pi button?

Uncle Bernie says:

poor example and you are rambling.

theofficialBritler says:

does this calculator do standard deviation?

L says:

perfect review 

andrew cooper says:

does it do f(x) type equations for calculus?

okpapereat says:

Casio shouldn’t be popular with engineering, ti is the best hands down

Mohammad Alqahtani says:

I”m not sure I did this after clearing the memory I switched the mode to radiance instead of degrees maybe thiscan fix the issue. Excellent tutorial I just found this calculator in my bookstore even thought I used casio for more than 5 years. in comparison to caso Ti 36 pro has great features and I see the memory feature is a must have in any calculator Thanks again Sir

EmpressTacachair says:

what’s better: this or the casio fx-300ESPLUS? can anyone help me? (or are they pretty much the same)

Eric Hernandez says:

Thanks for sharing the video! Does the Ti-36 feel better to the touch than the casio fX-115 plus?

Israel Miranda says:

Can we store values obtained from the calculator to variables like a,b,c,x,y, or z and use these variables for future calculations like in the TI-83, TI89, etc?

Lino Ngando says:

Hi, great explanation.
i can’t calculate sin(-#), where “#” is a Number. in fact i’ve problem with all calculation with negative numbers.
how can i solve this problem? please, need your help.

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