TI-34 Calculator Review

The review of the TI-34 claculator


Diana Oros says:

This was so informative thank you so much for the help

PotatoGirl 7 says:

What’s between *TI-30 IIS* and *TI-34MultiView* ???

Connor Piper says:

Ive tried it too,wish so, but the lowest TI model with that option is the TI-83 Plus

Diana Oros says:

Sorry but i think logs and sin, cos, and tan are very useful

Taylor B says:


Carrington Woods says:

its pronounced (PA-REN-THA-SEAS) u said (PARE-REN-THESES)

monkey4gghplaysgames says:

You butchered the pronunciation of trigonometry

Gerardo Castillo says:

how do you charge this calculator

Poo Poo says:

Are u in 3rd grade or something?

BeerBeauty1 says:

Do you know how to type out the equals sign that is in an equation? “Enter” key is only for solving the problem…

Pythagorean Theorem says:

how to do sin cos tan on this calculator

Zac Cournyea says:

2008 smarts

General Disorder says:

have you even used the calculator? the delete key is a backspace the <> key is an answer toggle and the clear key clears the whole screen and parentheses is pronounce paren-the-sees

Ethan Burger says:

Thank you very much for the review can u review the ti-84 next

TrektNation says:

that’s not new that’s released in 2007

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