Texas Instruments Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator Review

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dm1x says:

GUI is gwee? lol, it’s GOO-EE

Jose says:

This is a phone.

TheLastMillennial says:

Nobody asked, but it took 8 minutes and 40 seconds for the TI-84 Plus CE.

Dirty Dan says:

Jesus they will probably allow fucking google on the SAT next

Carlos Macedonia says:

I think the hp50g is better that’s just my opinion

The Great NW says:

The Ferrari of calculators, everybody…

Evan Sowards says:

Here are the main differences between the Nspire CX CAS and the TI-89 Titanium. I don’t own either of these calculators, so I can’t tell you which one I think is better. However, I know the differences between the two, and you can decide which is better. Basically, the Nspire has a color display, and is a better calculator for math because it has a GUI (which means you don’t have to remember the syntax order for things like summations). However, the 89T is a much better programming calculator. TI-Basic on the 89T is a much richer language than on 83/84 models, and doesn’t have the input/output restrictions of Nspire calculators. So, if you’re trying to decide which one to buy, it boils down to this: the Nspire is better for math, but the 89T is better for programming (which can be used to make math much, much simpler).

jjtonelli says:

sat’s now say qwerty calculators are allowed and i noticed this has a qwerty. does this make it not allowed?

Topias Karjalainen says:

My casio fx-cp400 does the x^2 summation instatntly. It doesn’t take even a second.

Zoo Monkey says:

I got this calculator only for games…. I use my GameBoy only for math class.

Jesse Chen says:

TI 84 took longer than the rest of the video…

eRommel says:

Mine is getting here tomorrow.

Israel andersonHOME says:

I just got this calculator cause my school requires that I have this specific one. NOTE! This specific model is very hard to find in stores. I found the ti-nspire cx, but CAS was not installed so I had to get it off of amazon.

Israel andersonHOME says:

This thing has the specs of an iPhone basically…

drag st says:

casio classpad best

George Sarcasm God says:

overpriced piece that does less than matlab, only buy it if you plan on going on to an exam or test with it.

Darian Assadian says:

we in Austria get this calculator for free in school

Abd Alrahim Fadila says:

my Ti is better

Haw Dong Ho says:

Why with CAS is better

SolidCAD says:

TI-84 Plus masterrace

gangstalishis says:

ti-84 (which i currently use) is outdated and very expensive simply because of supply and demand. i would gladly take that calculator over the ti-84 any day

Mikael Snygg says:

according to Texas website, the CAS version does support Algebra 1&2, but does not support studies in electrical engineering that is the only difference!

Odysseus says:

cowcoolater with gwee is the best

Tim Thornton says:

Thank you, SIR!! You have just helped me decide! My money will be well spent on this!!

Peter Tran says:

I just get roasted for having a computer

Ben Werner says:

It looks amazing, but I went with the nspire cx because the IB (International Baccalaureate) banned it. Now I understand why…

Emma Palmer says:

I have the TI Nspire cx and I have loved it!!! If did me very well for Geometry, Algebra II/Trig, Pre Calculus, and AP Calculus AB. But the enter button stopped working, so I am going to buy the TI Nspire cx CAS because it has more functions that I will be able to use for the AP Cal AB exam! Thank you for the review

Claudy Altidor says:

Great review bro.

Nicholi Martin says:

I own that calculator, I really enjoy it. I would like to point out that when you get to college, they have more restrictions on calculators there. For this reason I had the most up to date ti 84 color for tests and such.

Reflexez says:

I personally love this cowcuwaitor.

Michael Achenbach says:

8 seconds for that result ? Hmmm, my HP Prime does it in under 4 seconds. ;-))

Damien Flury says:

Well, my TI-30X Pro is 5 min in for the sum(0->100000)x^2 and still going. I guess I’ll have to reset lol

Sans says:

So, if the TI 89 takes longer to answer the math question, I assume it would also take longer to load a game? :D………

If you want the best gaming calculator get the TI Nspire CX

Time Capsule 7 says:

My Ti-83 Plus is better… cuz is says Plus… Looks like this thread needed a refresh.

alexkid1 says:

Does the equation part show step by step operations, or does it simply show you the answer?

acfball says:

Very useful review. Thanks. Is this Ti able to do everything that a Ti89 could do?

SeaJay Oceans says:

My Slide Rule is soooo much better !
I dropped my slide rule from a 3rd story lab window, it bounced and still works.
If you drop you Ti Nspire CX CAS from a 3rd story window, it shatters… broken!
Slide Rule Wins!
Flawless Victory.

Dovydas Kairys says:

“I spend hours playing this game on my math class.”

J Werner says:

The problem with this would be….. are you allowed to use it on most exams in the country? TI-89 is pretty standard, whereas this is pretty much like a phone, and I doubt most professors will allow it.

TechnicalTechster says:

I love how you say “calculator”

Mr. Bob Gray says:

Cal coo later

akachuy says:

son passed calc ab and bc, but can’t say calculator right

Alex Swanson says:

*sees game on a calculator* already more useful than a chromebook

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