Sharp WriteView EL-W506B Scientific Calculator Review

If you have to tax your brain on a daily basis with complicated maths, then the Sharp WriteView EL-W506B Scientific Calculator could be what you are looking for.

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Gracesketches says:

hi i take engineering classes and this calculator is really good :). i really love it. it can do a lot of things that other calculators can’t. and since everyone seems to prefer casio over sharp, no one really bothers you to borrow your calculator when they forget theirs, because this is a pretty personal calculator and it’s tricky if you don’t know how to use it. i enjoyed learning through all it’s functions when i was still in high school, and i still get surprised by it.

SPRR says:

And u can make matrices on that???.

PlayStationHidden says:

i have xactly the same calcu!!!!!!

CerealForProtein says:

how do u do input csc, sec,cot? im having troubles doing it cuz i get syntax error whenever i do 1/sin, etc since there is no designated csc, sec, cot buttons?

Geekanoids says:

@ungurumc Good luck!

Thomas Corkum says:

best calculator i have ever used

BlaqKrypton_ says:

I got mine for $10 in the US

Geekanoids says:

@Cream123wu Thanks for watching & Commenting.

Jack Zaynal says:

Hallo ! please how can I found the rest of a fraction with this calculator i have a method but it didn’t works all the time 

Kotapaka Kotapakov says:

I don’t think that you should get anything that powerful for GCSE. But even if you do you can’t harness all that power because GCSE is idiotic. You will only need the sin, cos, tan, power, log, ln functions and of course +-*/. I’ve got a whole buch of calculators (about 6) and 5 of them are casio. Most institutions stick with casio. I’ve ordered this sharp and I’ll see how it works. Should be great.

Andrea Martin says:

How do you make it answer division in decimals instead of fractions? Permanently!

Anhuin Sweldn says:

How do you multiply binomials on this…?

TheJakemp says:


Geekanoids says:

@MrFroggy817 I found none.

Jack Zaynal says:

Hallo ! please how can I found the rest of a fraction with this calculator i have a method but it doesn’t works all the time 

Geekanoids says:

Nice to put something different into the mix.

RmanKooverjee says:

wtf u are such a nerd reviewing a calclator

PlayStationHidden says:

no wait… mine’s just a little bit dif

MrFroggy817 says:

Does this calculator have games on it please say if they do

1piecemage says:

i love this calc… but its so dam complicated if u throw out the manual…

TGL7238 says:

you will only find games on graphing calculators

KapteinFruit says:

LOL @ you Dave for reviewing a CALCULATOR!

Ceterafan123 says:

Great review! Don’t let these w*nkers get to you!

SlimZ says:

i have it but think the casio is better

Kamil Kubiak says:

It has maths drill, +-/* and tables 😉

Rick Byrne says:


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