Ruby Calculator – NEW MODEL!! The ULTIMATE Exam Cheating Calculator!

This is a sneak promo at the 4th edition of the successful Ruby Calculator series. The 4th edition now includes a higher resolution screen which is capable of fitting a much greater amount of text. Coming to our store on November the 26th 2017!

Also available on eBay:


Shankar Tamang says:

which app is that on ur mobile

Sangaran 3 says:

Bro can I know where you buy this calculator and can you order for me this calculator pls

nikhil mahajan says:

No one asked the most basic question. What is the range of this device.? You can’t sit outside the exam room and send files… 😀 and examiner can easily spot you spending too much of time looking in the calculator. Plus this won’t work for theory exam. But still it is very innovative product.

roop kumar says:

in Indian it available

Mir Tajamul says:

and how to connect ruby divice to laptop with cable

Andrey sylver says:

What kind of calculator is that

Tom Lake says:

Nice hack! Would you consider investigating the HP Prime wireless dongle to see if it could be modified to use WiFi instead of the proprietary HP protocol? If you would please contact me.

Shrenik says:

Does it work on 991ms

Stanley Jose says:


Sabbir Rahman says:

can I use it in every language?

Wasta Purnoor says:

What’s the price in Pakistan?

thetedmang says:

Can’t cheat in life when the guy in the cubicle next to you is working on a different project.

Inam Khan says:

Sir does it avilable in Pakistan?…

LOVE I s LIFE says:

App ki bare mahrabane hogi

Belovedad says:

Easier just to study

Shaik Imdathulla says:

Can formula’s and equations store in this device

Aron Rosh says:

Hii sir

Sabbir Rahman says:

can it be connected to any Android?

Ronit Raut says:

can you delivered this product in india

Gurpreet singh says:

Is it available in india..if available then at which prize..

Mir Tajamul says:

how to get ruby divice only rupees 20

Sabbir Rahman says:

can it be reached in Bangladesh?

Rahul Kumar Nayak says:

How to order

Duy Minh says:

Is this based from casio 570 ms-model?

Best creation says:

Bhai please ek reaply do ki aapne mode off kaha se Kiya tha

mafaz basha says:

What’s the price ?

Saqin Baby says:

Sime can work in can we buy on pk

Shafi Umair says:

This type of calculator is not found in India.and other calculator is not working chating mood

Gaming Nation 2.0 says:

most of the viewers does fails in exam like me

Gg Hh says:

what is calculator price

syed faizu says:

Crazy India says:

This device have price 20000 ₹ + tax+ Commission ..if anybody wants this device then contact me…on my gmail…

AMS great says:

Im selling the calculater for Half of the price

rahul hacker says:

I can’t purchase this calculator

Mir Tajamul says:

which distance

Vhied Kc says:

I would prefer that screen to the other greenish screen of a calculator

LOVE I s LIFE says:

App pora screen dikai aur ye vidio dobara banay please
Q k hamara exam chal raha he

Hrithwik Bharadwaj says:

Hey I run a tech Channel on YouTube . Would you send me some units of this so that I can review them on my channel and can bring trust into the people that this is genuine . My people may send you an email soon when you reply to this comment

Rainbow Dash says:

How come alot of videos dont allow comments? I wanted to known how this worked or other issues

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