Numworks Calculator: The Better TI-84?

The TI-84 Calculators have dominated for several years. Will Numworks finally end this streak?

Numworks Website:
TI84CalcWiz Website:


Javier Hernandez says:

April fool’s

Kovuuu says:

it looks fucking ugly.. the ti-84 plus ce looks more professional. this looks very easy to break.

edit: and also teachers wont know how the hell to use this so DONT BUY IT, and does it even come with a protective cover? cause thats something it should have..

TI84CalcWiz says:

Numworks has somehow managed to improve the calculator immensely in the few short months since this review has been released!
-An equation solver has been added (and it is far and away better than anything the TI-84 Plus CE can do, giving multiple solutions, solving systems of equations, and more)
-The keyboard has been made easier to use, with symbols (such as square roots and fractions) appearing as they do on the TI-84 Plus CE calculator
-Python programs can now be transferred between computers and calculators.
-Syntax highlighting and line numbers have been added to the Python editor
-The statistics program has been improved, although some work is still needed until it is sufficient for AP Statistics and other such classes.
I am amazed by the fact that all of these improvements have been made so quickly. Definitely consider this calculator if you are looking to buy a new one. It is incredibly powerful now, and at this rate, will become the uncontested best calculator in the world.

ToastersMakeTea says:

Any Casio has always been better or equal to a ti 83/84

Jack Kenny says:

Have there been any developments with this calculator. I’m just begging to get into proper maths and want the best, long lasting calculator to get me through the everything

TheLastMillennial says:

Nice review! It sounds like a great buy besides it’s lack of variable solving (which I’m sure can be programmed using the very fast Python) and the current lack of community support. Perhaps I’ll try this calculator out some day!
One thing I’m confused about is how it is accepted to the ACT even though it has built-in CAS. Does it have a test mode to disable that? I wonder how TI is going to respond to this… hopefully they will reduce their calculator prices to sane levels.

Void says:

Can you create your own programs in C++ and ASM?

Mr . Invincible says:

Can it store images????? Plz tell

StarDagger Rihannsu says:

Definately getting this, the open source and rapid update tempo, as well as speed is a must have.

Tim Perry says:

Yellow text on white? How did that make it through product testing?

Boris Markov says:

I´m getting back to programmable calculators after an almost 20 year hiatus, the HP Prime blows all the competition away. This said, I can see the Numworks catching up in a short time. From this review, what I don´t like too much about the Numworks besides the solver and stats lacking (easily solved in the future) is the keyboard legibility. While it is aesthatically pleasing, it can be a pain at times.

Ben Hatto says:

Can we have a comparison with the nspire?

npgatech says:

Please don’t say it is open-source. It is visible-source but lacks 100% of the spirit of GNU’s open source initiative. It is not open-source in any sense of the word. They’re using CC non-commercial license which is frowned up on (if you don’t believe me, check their github issue about this with hundreds of comments). They’re getting free help from the github community without anything to give back to the community.

Incognito says:

Ti-84 looks better in my opinion

JDW says:

Does the NUMWORKS really have CAS? It seems too, yet the ACT prohibits calculators with CAS which is why the HP Prime is forbidden. And yet, if you look on the NUMWORKS website, you see SAT and ACT approval marks! Can you please explain this? How can the NUMWORKS be ACT approved if it has CAS?

By the way, I enjoyed your video and am rather shock and the dearth of videos on the NUMWORKS in general. I’m a father of two children, one in 7th and the other 10th grade. Their school is strongly recommending graphing calculators that are on the College Board approved list (for the SAT). NUMWORKS apparently will start showing on the list next month (August 2018). Being an HP enthusiast myself, I am torn between the lovely aesthetic of the NUMWORKS (both of my kids love the look and simplicity of it) versus the HP Prime. If you happen to have a Prime on hand, I’d love to see another video from you comparing the two. If you don’t have a Prime, I’d still love to see you show how useful the NUMWORKS could be for students, especially those in Jr. High and High school. Thanks.

Jérémie Rohart says:

FYI Texas Instruments will implement Python in 2019 on the 84 CE and on the 83 premium CE (for French market)  !

Void says:

Can you create your own programs in C++ and ASM?

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