Nerd Alert!! Review and “How To” – Casio Calculator Watch – DBC32




I love Casio watches, and I love this particular one so much, I bought two of them!! Cheers, JOMW.


Faisal Rahman says:

I have three Casio Calulator watches and they are wicked. I was a child at school in the 90s and the coolest kids had the Casio remote control watch, I remember the teacher wheeling in the tv/video and my class mate (with his Casio remote watch) changing the channels rapidly and the whole class laughing, the teacher had to call the tech guy to take a look, best day in school ever. I tried to buy one on ebay but it went over £112 🙁

Faint Flow says:

How did you mute it

incargeek says:

You didnt demonstrate how to input text….

marks man says:

I had the ca53 and the dbc in the late 80s. I still have the original dbc and just bought the ca53. Just because I had to have it back. Dont know what I did with it.

Erik Warnes says:

I love the mesh strap on the silver one! Thanks for the review. I love this channel!

Mike Ramos says:

Nice Mate, I have a Gmix and Edifice. But my Databank DBC 32 is my favorite 🙂

iREVIEWitALL says:

Ordered just nowthe silver version cheers for the video

marks man says:

I had 3 of these back in the late 80s.

slideryn basilik says:

the dbc32 watch is water resist?

Ken Phil says:

I love the design of this watch and I bought it. But it made me kind of sick that it doesn’t have a timer. One of the most practical functions and they eliminated the countdown timer.

George Nineham says:

For Christmas 2017 I got a calulater watch (when I am 12) I got the ca-56 in gold I love it so much

nimarama72 says:

Best watch ever..

Aiden Bailey says:

For me than usual alarm clock is much more better Calculator Alarm Clock. You can add and sub struct time in edit mode.

Zen Vic says:

why does your baclight colored green? mine’s orange?

TheWheelofLife100 says:

Watching these videos about watches ,all it does is make me want to buy watches and giving the fact I have a terrible addiction to buying watches,this doesn’t help.

Coi Tajo says:

Just ordered the metal version cant wait

Б Н says:

“If you’re having so much fun with the basic mathematics that you lose track of the time” xDD

Brian Fuller says:

I’ve had several Casio Calculators and still have one. These are absolute classic digital watches and still produced and popular.

Kidplays11 says:

Ur NoT aLwAy gOnNa HaVe A cAtAlAtOr

mrdaflyguy says:

I like the cheap slutty resin strap.its dirty but I like it

Rheinmetall says:

I bought the data bank, the resin one, for the same reasons as you, as a child I dreamt of having one but didn’t dare to ask it from my parents. 🙂 I was disappointed because the 8 number isn’t very responsive and sometimes 5 too. I felt that I was robbed in a way, I paid around 50 euros and I expected it to be nothing less than perfect.

Albert silent hill fan! says:

Great review! Thanks:) wanted to know about the auto light and if it was indiglo

SirFriedrich says:

This seems to do the same thing as my DBC611 but with a different case and different screen layout

Benny Benitez says:

Brilliant presentation well done and most informative.

Iskandar Megat says:

I had 2 casio calcultor is best after 10 year from now is very rare

Jordan TRusso says:


Bacon Monkey 1234 says:

Just ordered one of the resin ones the other day and it’ll be in tomorrow

osamaFXX says:

Even though I dont own or planning to get one (not my cup of tea) but I hope Casio continue to manufacture these cool watches for ever.

wenderson rodrigues dos santos says:

Eles são aprova de água?

ianmedium says:

I have a thing about us Modern watch lovers obsession with bracelets built like the forth road bridge.
I much prefer these thinner rolled like bracelets as I find the things people go on about negatively about them are what make them more comfortable. They rattle, that means there is more give so they don’t clamp the wrist like an oyster bracelet ( one reason why I sold my Rolex, never got fully comfortable with it, same with my constellation).
They are light, I find that an advantage for day long wear. They are thin, again, I find that more comfortable and easier when under a cuff.

The thing is, they may feel cheap compared to modern Uber bracelets but your watch was cheap to start with, is ten years old and the bracelet barely shows wear and sounds like the simple clasp still clicks shut nicely, that’s the other peave with modern bracelets, the over engineering of the clasp makes them bulky and I always find I have to keep opening them through the day to get relief and I wear mine loose!

I have some vintage watches from the seventies with these rattley bracelets and they shown very little wear and work perfectly!
Thanks for the great review. I had the basic plastic one back in the eighties!

vodkaman1970 says:

I have the no longer produced gold version of the DCB32. The strap was of very poor quality and broke so I stopped wearing it for quite a long time. but then I decided to try on a cheap gold plated bracelet from ebay and now I love it. It’s gloriously obnoxious.

JAY Anonymous says:

Im i the only one who thinks he looks/sounds like antonio banderas?

Max Hodgson says:

I have a DBC-610 that I bought in the mid-80s as a student. Quite pricey at the time, but still going strong. Not bad for a 30+ year old electronic device.

Sephiroth K says:

If casio brings back the Databank 150 I will buy a truckload of them

mrdaflyguy says:

This black version with the red highlights was the knightrider kit car of the watch world

Luis Iván Lozano Mena says:

you have some beatiful watches there, my friend.

MrPleers says:

Actually, I was not allowed a Casio calculator watch in the 80’s. My father was against them. Saying it makes a person too lazy to learn doing calculations in your mind. Suprised to hear that the day also comes in Dutch. Something I don’t see very often in a watch.

Manny4356 says:

I have all the Calculator watches you listed except the CA56. I recently got the DBC32, and let me tell you: people are right about those buttons. They are pretty tough to push. Already got a very small nail mark on the + button and my nails are short, too. The watch is awesome, though. Wanted a casual, every day version I can wear outside of work. I wear the DBC611 at work for the steel bracelet which goes well with my dress code.

Daniel Lopez says:

Nice video bro !!!

Jimbob Lena says:

It’s funny… In the old days, ​we were forced to remember all telephone numbers. Even though I had a Casio Databank, I knew all the numbers. But now I only remember a few numbers. Not because I’m old, but because of smartphones doing all the dialing.

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