HP Prime Calculator Review, with HP 28S, 48GX and 50g

This 4K video shows the HP Prime Graphing Calculator purchased new in July 2018 with darker blue and orange print on the keys as compared to the first generation Prime. Also shown are soft case and screen protector accessories, and how to apply the screen protector. Vintage HP calculators are also shown, including the HP28S, HP48GX (with 128k FRAM Card), and 50g, side-by-side with the Prime. General operation of the Prime is shown, as well as the Home versus CAS buttons. Finally, the video shows how to connect to a computer via USB and use the HP Connectivity Kit on a Macintosh to download and install new firmware, as well as apps and programs.

———( INDEX )———
►Unboxing: 2:50
►HP Prime: 8:57
►Accessories: 9:45
►HP 28S, 48GX, 50g: 18:40
►Some Prime Features: 27:11
►Graphing & Touch to Zoom: 32:36
►Visibility in Strong Sunlight: 39:50
►Connecting by USB: 41:39
►HP Connectivity Kit: 42:53
►Updating Firmware: 47:00
►Virtual Prime: 50:36
►Closing Thoughts: 52:44


———( USEFUL LINKS )———
► HP Prime at Walmart (USA):

► Prime battery replacement discussion thread:

► Guerrilla screen protector for Prime:

► Soft protective case for Prime:

► My high-resolution photos on Flickr:

► Meta Kernel for HP 48GX download (free):

► Review of Meta Kernel:

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► Touch Periodic Table for HP Prime:

► Science & Engineering Programs for Prime:

► Legacy HP BASE Conversions for the Prime!:

► HP Prime discussion forum:

► HP48 Equation Library for the HP Prime (thanks, Jason Allan):

This video was shot almost entirely using natural light entering from windows. Camera used was a Panasonic GH5 mounted on a tripod, with Olympus 12-100mm F4 lens, using the HLG profile and the Leeming HLG v5.02 LUT to convert from Rec.2020 to Rec.709, edited in FCPX 10.4.3 on a 2015 MacBook Pro 15″ with dGPU. Music used is from YouTube (no-attribution required).

———( SAFARI & 4K )———
If you use a Mac and Safari you’ll find that Google & Apple lock your resolution to 1080p, forcing you to use Chrome to see my video in 4K. If you are like me and want to see 4K YouTube videos in Safari, please join me in sending Apple feedback here:



Donna McKinney says:

Where can I download the periodic table software?

Joe DeJohn says:

My first was the HP48G. Loved it. Picked up the Prime about 5 years ago. Not in school anymore but still enjoy it. Nice about the 3D feature.

Rodrigo Vazquez says:

I have the 50g with the leather case. It is really premium

Guy Roland KOMAN says:

thank you for this review.
Calculators are more comfortable than phones.

jvanegas14 says:

How is the RPN functionality on the Prime? Has it improved since it was released?

Nat Quick says:

Started my YouTube binge with Butterball Turkey 20 videos ago now I’m here. . .

Jahedul Islam says:

How to install periodic table in hp prime graphing calculator.. Please make tutrial uncle….

Jason Allan says:


I think you have made a superb introductory video on the HP Prime, and I like the addition of the older HP calculators too.
I have the HP 50g which I think is a superb calculator; I am also looking forward to buying the superb HP Prime calculator in the future.

I thought you might be interested in a fantastic equation library with a built-in solver for the HP Prime.
It is written by a person called Han.

Here is the link to a YouTube video for it:


and here is a link to the web page to download the app:


thank you and best wishes,


Guy Roland KOMAN says:

Long but interesting video. I have the 50g along with the prime which is faster and easier to use globally

barkbarkatthemoon says:

thanks for this video, i grew up with HP calcs like the 41 and 48 and I have had a Prime since it was released. Video was long but i made it through and it is worth it. I have a question, why do you not use your prime in RPN? I switched it on when I got it and seldom switch it back.

Guy Roland KOMAN says:

Though this hp prime doesn’t have RPL (the programming language) nor SysRPL, I love it; Very fast (maybe the fastest calculator) and very capable; plenty of storage also;

Augusto says:

UNDO Key in Prime ??

Jahedul Islam says:

casio classpad ii CP400 or hp prime graphing calculator which is suitable for me.(I am from Bangladesh) plese answer early.

Jon L says:

In Canada, we are not allowed to use any of these calculators in Engineering school on exams. It’s really unfortunate. I own several HP calculators including the WP 34s.

Detron Phillips says:

thank you for this video! I have a 48SX, 48GX, 50G, (and a 15C), and was not sure if I wanted the Prime or not. I still do not know, but I feel I have more information to work with.

Jose Mesquita says:

Thanks for your nice presentation on the HP prime. I own the original revision “A” hardware (yours is a “C”) and enjoy it very much, although I used the HP-67 and the HP-25C in my time at school days.

Guy Roland KOMAN says:

I had the same difficulty at opening the package. 🙂

Ed Ed says:

hey nice review! Prime sucks for me… HP-50G…. that is in a different league )))) I think the HP28S keyboard is pure luxury, so smooth…

ElAmigoCarlos says:

= )

Jahedul Islam says:

How to install Software in hp prime graphing calculator. Please make video uncle.

xuser48 says:

I know no kids with iDevices.

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