Hp 32SII Review And General Thoughts

A very simple review of the calculator and my thoughts on it. Sorry but I can’t help comparing it to my favourite HP calculator, the 42S, and my least favourite of this type, the 35S.


vonnue Von says:

how is this 32sii compare to 35s ? does the bug in 35s present to 32sii ? . While i am patiently waiting for the swiss clone 42s. Which rpn “pocket ” calculator” would be the best choice
35s ? or 32sii ?. 35s is easy to find but the bug is meh, . All i need is a rpn calc for basic computaions (trigo). and a nice Solver.I’ll be using this calculator mainly for physics classes ( Electric charges and fields,Coloumb’s,Gauss, Electric potential,Current resistance and Electromitive force, Magnetic fields and Forces etc.) I have a ti89 but isn’t reliable specially with exams with limited time. 🙂

ffggddss says:

Guess it could be called the 32S Mark II . . .
But wow! I have a 32S (that’s on the blink), and *this* thing you’re showing us, sure is one sup’ed up 32S!!

Say, what’s that hatbox-looking thing halfway off the right-of-frame?

bennryan2 says:

why do you hate me

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