How to use a TI 30X IIS calculator

How to use some of the essential funcitons on your calculator. Please leave comments if you have any questions or you have questions about how to do other things on your calculator.


mariana salazar says:

how would i type in x for example cos(x)=12/13

Luis G. Vazquez says:

How can you put a variable and a fraction as its exponent in this calculator.

jack starkey says:

Super helpful thanks

Zilllexx says:

I was messing around with PRB button and I pressed something and it brought me to the alphabet I put a. does anyone know how I can do it again

Randy Endsley says:

Thanks. Very helpful.

Lestwins fanclub says:

shetttt why didn’t I find this earlier

kris Huber says:

Where can i find the abc button on my Ti-34II ?

Crystal Morse says:

can anyone show me how answer a question like. -4y + 12= -4(2y+4)

Sabrina Formby says:

Thanks a lot for this video it told me exactly what I needed to know for my beginning Algebra class.

The Parakeets says:

Casey Neistat? Is that you?

Miss Weirdo says:


shafferjoe1962 says:

Thank you… You hit what I was wanting to find out in one video… Great job…

zboyisawesome says:

this didnt help me at all!!! D:<

Katie Roberts says:

This was a great video. My 7th grader was advised to get this calculator for school. I know he is going to be overwhelmed by all of the buttons. Your video covered the types of calculations he will need it for. This is perfect.

Vivian Heyl says:

Thanks! LOL I am 50 going to college with 17-18 year of age !

Cheshire_Top_Cat says:

Thank you so much!

Fearless Ghost says:

Can you simplify radicals or simplify square roots on that calculator??

Rachelle Thompson says:

thanks, i didn’t know how to do exponents.the ^ threw me off.

Spartacus516 says:

Thanks for posting this video! It was very helpful to me.

Keira Jackson says:

How do you use the inverse button for sin, cos, tan

Jammin Dave says:

And I thank you for that!!! I just got this calculator and didn’t know how to use some of its functions, now I do. thanx!

Coralies says:

Thank you!!!!

ella says:

OMG this was sooo helpful I just got this calculator today and I had no I tea how to use it, THANKS!

mustache says:

what button is the carrot button on a TI-30xa i eventually found fraction to decimal plan on making similar videos myself when i get well informed enuff

zboyisawesome says:

U sounded Hight ^^

pollock327 says:

Thanks I want to thank you for this you do better then my math instructor does

Poetic_ Princee says:

I like how you took your time to explain this! You seem like a great teacher!!! You explain each point!! Thanks!!!

OvaldoBrown1212 says:

Do you know how to pass the math TASC test? I need help with that, Can you help me? They have all kinds of math?

Erik Larson says:

+Kevin Kennedey does it turn off automatically

akua kesewaa says:

how can you use the percentage key?

Isaac Polanco says:

good morning
how can i plug in an slope formula, like :
y=mx+b or 3=1/2(4)+b


Lance Leduc says:

Thanks. This was very helpful for me.

Sidney Grouse says:

Thank you so much, sir.

peaceout girlscout says:

thankyouu 🙂

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