fx-115 ES Plus – The Most Advanced Scientific Calculator, A Calculator For All Ages

This Webinar features the new fx-115ESPlus hosted by Ish Zamora


MissKiraKhay says:

How do you find the gcd and lcm ?

Craig Diamond says:

Love the recurring decimal function and don’t understand why most calculators don’t have it. Although I still cannot get this calculator to do e^pi x I in complex mode…my sharp 516x gives -23.xxxxxi and my ti-83plus and HP 35s give the correct answer of -1  but this one just gives math error……

NIGGAS says:

difference between this and the casio FX100 Au plus??

Eleanna Proett says:

OMG you saved my calculator from the hammer I was going to use on it.  I am a 41 year old mom back in college and they didn’t have these fancy calculators when I was in school, so thank you, now maybe I won’t look stupid needing help to do a calculation.

Aymen Zone says:

this calculator have a fonction of prime factors

Anirudh Vasudevan says:

Whats that “less than sign” thing above the (-) key. I haven’t been able to find a use for that. 

Claudius says:

At 16:50 — Eighth grade students in America (aged 13 or 14) have difficulty with division and remainders?

emily crowder says:

Can I use this calculator to do hypothesis testing? If so, how would I find that? Thanks!

Joanna Lim says:

Hi Sir, thanks for your video. I would like to check with you is fx991ES Plus can find the confidence interval??? I will have an exam soon in a week. Would you please response it fast? Thanks.

Abdullah Maruf says:

Why don’t I have “Alpha – repeating decimal” in my fx-991ES PLUS calculator ?  

Jesse Quirion says:

Thank you for the tutorial, this video was extremely helpful!

Adam C. says:

thank you very much!
Would you please add the topics covered and the time reference of each topic to the description? I believe it would make it easier for anyone to find the specific topics they’re looking for instead of having to skim through the video.

Asdf Asdf says:

is this the only scientific calculator with an inequality function

tallswede80 says:

sorry bitch, Hewlett Packard is light years ahead of this shit.

Tracey says:

How do you add another table under statistic mode other than the “x” table?

crni195 says:

got 991es
worth upgrading to this?

Robert Lemp says:

Where can I get the software for this calculator?

Michael T says:

Sound quality

Daniel Brito says:

I’m trying to use a 3-digit separator, like 1000000 appear 1,000,000, Does it is possible on this calculator? ‘Cause it confuses sometimes :/

Robolozo says:

who else uses the matrix to play tic-tac-toe

Farhan Noor says:

Casio FX-991ex beats all


Thanks for this tutorial!

fttx says:

this voice is kind of synthesizer lol

Robert Lemp says:

I would also like to know where to find the emulator software???

parth suryvanshi says:

thanks for this

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