Featuring Casio Classwiz FX 991EX Non Programmable Scientific Calculator

A New Classroom Standard Created from High-resolution LCD Technology

Featuring the latest Casio Non programmable scientific calculator fx 991 ex plus which feature high resolution display for more data on display, Online QR code visualization to help you do more via Graphical representation, numerical representation or taking help to do more. Metallic finish keys with colorful coding for better functionality as well a faster processor and twice the memory size makes sure of speedy calculations. Casio fx 991 ex non programmable scientific calculator is made for you. Become your Classwiz !


Mos Rus says:

The TI-36x PRO use to be my favorite scientific calculator. Not anymore. The CLASSWIZZ is the new top of line. Even the more expensive $50 HP-35s with its RPN isn’t as good.

mohhammad adnan says:

is unit & metric conversion applicable in classwiz plz reply

Christian hitrancis says:

love this cal

Matthew - says:

If only I had gotten this sooner for my Stat class… I would’ve perfected every single test HAHAHAHA

Priyan Singadia says:

why dont som casio calculators have a ✔ behind ? can those calcs be fake?

Dhara Lee Isaga says:

I just bought this calculator today.
when I was in the store it opened and worked well.
but when I tried to on it at home, it won’t turn on. what happened? is this because of the battery?

sn xoha says:

superb calculator…I have got one 😀

RJ Zipper says:

I have this but my only problem is it deletes your entire calculation when you turn it off.

Ymmayze tayag says:

im glad that i have this calculator

Aabir Chakravorty says:

A very good calculator for students & enginers

john vincent Salazar says:

how do i input a negative number on the frequency column in statistics mode? it kept saying math error but it wont have a math error on the fx-991es plus. :/

StarTrek123456 says:

this isn’t programmable, but it can still solve for x, so my school doesn’t allow it. what an useless product.

Joel Rocafort says:

cant insert negative value in frequency on stat mode

Raphael Villegas says:

I have a problem with mine. the screen display is split at the center? but the lcd doesn’t seem to be broken…

Denver Rodrigues says:

fx-991EX Solve this?

Swarup Saha says:

LoL !

Umang Goel says:

Why doesn’t the indian version of this calculator feature functions like LCM, HCF, remainder function, pi-notation product calculator, recurring decimal ? The foreign versions claim to have 696 functions whereas this version’s got just 552. Those aren’t less but why doesn’t India get the top-end ones ? 

Same was the case when the International fx-115ES Plus had the aforementioned features but the Indian fx-991ES Plus lacked them.

Can I expect the upgraded version of this calculator anytime soon in India ?

Ahnaf Mahmud says:

When will this be imported to Bangladesh

Robert Maia says:

What is the difference of functions of fx-115es to fx-991LAX?

Rafa Syed says:

can it show a graph of a line and is it the latest version of casio?

fea hhh says:

Sadly this calculator is not allowed in Hong Kong.

Dan Mac says:

I opted for the 570 to save 4 bucks. I don’t need solar panel and it’s the same calculator.

Frank Sears says:

class swizz

Anagh Josh Banerjee says:

casio this is a good calculator,but please improve the quality of ur screens they get scratched easily.

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