EEVblog #1093 – Casio FX260 Solar II Calculator Review

Review and teardown of the Casio FX260 Solar II pocket scientific calculator. How good is a $9 scientific calculator?

FX-991EX Review:

Calculator Forensics:


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Michael Piotrowicz says:

Beautiful Dave. I have an original FX260 on my bench, when the new model can be had in Australia for a decent price I will add it to the mix. VPAM and RPN make my brain go all mushy.

wclifton968 says:

Fx 83-Gt plus is waaaay better.

Guess Who That Is says:

did I just watched 26 minutes about some calculators

Electra Flarefire says:

My fx-100s you don’t need to close the brackets for a lot of stuff ‘sin 30 =’ works just fine.
Edit: The very best thing is the swinging, locking lid.. Close it up and it’s pretty much indistrctable and you can’t loose the lid!
Edit: SQR is dedicated key with x-y as the shift.

Don Wald says:

Surely any self-respecting engineer would use RPN entry?

anonymic79 says:

I never understood the Casio fanboys. I’ve always found TI more to my liking, and my all time favorite is the TI-35X. It’s old, uses a battery and does everything I’ve ever wanted. Anyone want to fill me in on the Casio allure?

John Harmon says:

Please make a full tutorial for scientific calculators. I have no idea what half the buttons on my calculator do!

gigaherz says:

I have a Casio fx-82MS in a drawer. I haven’t used it in like 10 years. I think I had to buy it from the shop at the university campus because I didn’t have one for an exam.
I do have to agree, the rubber keys from older calculators had a better feel than the hard plastic ones on newer models.

hwhack says:

VPAM is where it’s at!

Poptart McJelly says:

Did the sin-cos-tan thingy with my two main calcs.
CITIZEN SRP-145T II returns 9.00002786
TI-82 STATS returns 8.99999997
What did you guys get? Don’t forget to set your calc on degrees 🙂

CrashPilot1000 says:

My Casio FX115 still works fine after almost 30 years.

Jedda73 says:

Sorry but I prefer the vpam rubbish on my fx100s. And we mech engineers use the hyp button.

luppa79 says:

I like the degrees-minutes-seconds-button. It’s very useful when calculating time, you don’t have to use it for angles.

Sergey Rubankov says:

“It’s astrolabe. Self calc, would be what to do.”

Reed Arnold says:

Why speculate about power consumption when you already have them open?

Gee, if only there was a device made for power measurements, that had a low burden voltage, that we could put in series with the solar cell. :^)

JediBhuddist says:

How many calculators does it take to run an Electronics engineer.. ?

John Drachenberg says:


ableite says:

Nice. But can it be HACKED?!? 😉 That’s a nice video topic for Dave to create.

David Woods says:

Stealthy calculations. LOL

Diabolical Artificer says:

Dave, can you do a video please about how to use calculator’s in electrical engineering for numpty’s? I use about 1/1000 of my scientific calc’s functionality, IE ohm’s law and the RC frequency formula. That’s it. No idea what to do with the bugger.

S Bayko says:

Casio sucks Ti forever

Dr_b_ says:

lol i was thinking exactly the same it looked like qbert

mark dennis says:

I cannot survive without the hyperbolics key

Dark Guardian says:

Love reminiscing the 70s and 80s.
I loved Casio. Had a couple with my first being fx-61.
My last classic was a fx-5000f.
I loved running mini programs on it.
My newer Casio 9850 Graphing calculator didn’t last nearly as long.
It just died for no reason.
My guess is one of the components aged.
Found others with similar issues online with no resolution.

Darrall Alexander says:

I’m a huge calculator fan boy so please do more vids on this! #bobbydazzler #bonzervid

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