Casio fx-CG50: Hands On with the Newest Casio Prizm || In 2011, Casio took the graphing calculator by storm with the first true color-screen graphing calculator, the Casio Prizm. Now, they have introduced a successor to the fx-CG10/fx-CG20, a sleek new calculator called the fx-CG50. Does it have what it takes to beat the TI-84 Plus CE and improve on the older Prizm? Find out with this hands-on exploration.


Ar Emon says:

Thnk you sir. Actually i wanna know that what’s the best calculator for statistics?

AlbyBatty TECHannel says:

This video is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Thanks man!!

Steveelb1 WoT says:

I love all of my calculators. Thank you for this vid. I almost bought the old casio. I have the Nspire cas, 84 plus CE, HP prime. This and the CG500 are the ones missing from my collection :P. For now at least. I have no games on them. I just appreciate the math and physics functions (even if I have to program them 🙂 ) Very helpful!

Elias C.Gomes says:

I don´t care if it fells lighter and thinner what matters is being able to quickly be able to switch the batteries if in the morning just before the test I found out that I forgot to put the calc to charge the night before, and still can use rechargeables AA batteries

Terry Bowman says:

Casio fx-cg50 is the best non cas graphing calculator. Text and screen are too small on ti.

ed10k399 says:

I actually like the (Ni-MH) AAA batteries. I don’t have to throw away my calculators or make modifications that could make the original unit ugly. Also, I bought the TI Nspire when it came out because it is powered by AAA batteries, and didnn’t buy the CX version because of the lithium battery even though it has a color screen.

Kathryn Kuzmanoski says:

Hi, How can you upload an image to put a graph on?

KingDragonFury says:

When is Doors 9.0 Coming out schools started already and I can’t wait, I’ve told a lot of my friends about this exciting program already! I can wait!

Nitin Kumar says:

Rechargeable batteries usually die within few years forcing many user to dispose the calculator, that is planned obsolesce. Other then that, the chrome plated button is worse…after continuous use, the plating will wear out exposing the plastic and ruining the look.

Jorge Ribeiro says:

Hello, i have a doubt in ti 84 plus ce, the calculator shows calculs ,for example, cos(30º)=square root of three over two or only in numeral?

i love TY Track says:

I’m not sure if I can use a graphic calculator during exam..

Zachary Oaks says:

So, I have my CG-50, and love everything about it….
but I have a question about the ports…
what is the port on the right of the USB port?

Ex Set says:

I hate these proprietary LiPo accumulators, i don’t want to order them from nowhere when calculator become unsupported by producer. It is planned obsolence, buy new model or u will not get our special accumulators. Instead AAA are standard and work for years, just buy new rechargeable AAA and use r calc another 100 years 🙂 CASIO behave quite wise in this case !

Crafting Redstone says:

Is there a way you can input your own 3d graphs to be drawn, not just by using the templates?

daniel j says:

Jesus Christ loves everyone.Repent and believe that He is the Son of God and you will get to heaven. God bless everyone, do not gamble with your soul

Robert Wilson says:

The Casio FX CG50 requiring AA Batteries is a Deal Breaker for me. I will not buy this Calculator.

Ian Abbott says:

The updated firmware version OS 3.10 is out now, along with an updated 3D Graph application version 1.01. It’s probably worthy of a follow-up video, as the 3D graphing app now has more general 3D graphing capabilities.

Amythest Gemini says:

im geting the casio fx-cg50 tomorrow why does it do 3d graphs and soreadsheets when all I whant is for my maths because that where im doing it on khan academy maybe chemistry to and hopefully progress to highter, advanced and pure maths.

Marcos Stylianou says:

have you found any programs for the prizm that dont work on the cg50?

Kami de Honmaru says:

hi, it seems that casio cg50 has some new factures but do you think casio cg20 3D graphing program is better than the cg50?
I want to buy one calculador ,I am at the university and I study physics.I was thinking to buying the casio cg20 for the reasen that I explained before but what other calculetors could you recommend me for this degree(I’m going crazy searching for calculators)?

Kellan Gaming says:

Is there programming?

Martin T says:

Would like to see the new Casio compared to the Prime. Please include HP Prime in future comparisons (both +/-). Thanks.

Blabla Blabla says:

Can someone please explain why those calculators are so expensive compared to phones?

Lars Har says:

Is it possible that you can make an emulator for this calculator for your web-based simulator site? A smartphone app and Linux-compatible software would be nice too. Thanks for making the previous online ti-84+ SE emulator.

Sadox says:

How I can load games ad other stuff on the fx cg50?
I search a lot, but I didn´t find any tutorials how to do this.
Can anyone help me? (My englisch is bad, I know… But I came from Germany…)

mohammad alam says:

I got cg50 it’s awesome

Timotheos Petros says:

2:20 The functions referred to here set the default for all NEW graphs. To change an EXISTING graph, one has to use the Convert functions. Admittedly this a confusing design.

conrail guy says:

Cool vid

spankwalla says:

I’ve got to say the winner for me is that fact that it has replaceable batteries. I am still able to use my original fx-7000g from the 1980s whereas if it had an internal battery would have been rendered useless years ago.

Alex Steel says:

Can you do integers in this calculator?

NeutronicalGaming says:

Nice round up here, though honestly, i don’t see tripple a’s as being a negative unless you are forced to use non alkalines for some reason, the slim and light form factor is purely aesthetic in 99% of cases most pockets are designed to take a smartphone in a case, a wallet and or keys at this point and that’s within the ballpark size we have here, what i do see is that the casio will have the advantage that you can pop into any local shop and grab some fresh cells where as if the battery in the ti pops just like with a smartphone or laptop you’re in a world of hurt. if you are that concerned about your calculator power there are numerous usb power-bank and similar devices that you could hook up to the battery door to power it for probably longer than you’ll need it.. that said, we can almost get micro laptops this small these days so i feel the days of pocket calculators are going away anyway, personally i was looking to see what can be done with these devices in the “smart” age and the answer looks a tad depressing really.

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