Casio fx-991EX Classwiz Scientific Calculator – Unboxing and First Review

My Casio Scientific Calculator Tutorials-

This is the unboxing and first review video of latest scientific calculator, Casio fx-991EX Classwiz scientific calculator.

Topics explained-
1. Unboxing of Casio fx-991EX Scientific calculator
2. Box contains- Warranty card,Casio fx-991EX English user manual, 3 years warranty conditions, warranty label sticker, calculator slide-on hard case use
3. High resolution display 192 x 31 pixels natural textbook display. Known as SVPAM = Super Visually Perfect Algebraic Method. Also known as Natural Textbook Display.
4. Solar power and 1.5 volt button cell power combo introduction
5. Icon based graphical menu on Casio fx-991EX calculator (12 features/modes compared to 8 modes on Casio fx-991ES )
6. Casio fx-991EX calculator vs Casio fx-991ES speed test
7. New spreadsheet feature on Casio fx-991EX calculator vs STAT on Casio fx-991ES
8. Casio fx-991EX can solve 4×4 matrices

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The Calculator Guide says:

It’s a great calculator. The spreadsheet function is excellent!

Anubhav Garg says:


Ramya Narendran says:

but don’t stop making videos with 991ES

Ashish Jog says:

I lost my ES+ so I am plannig to buy this please tell me if it is possible to solve polynomial of 4th degree directly in Equation mode of EX unlike ES+… Please Reply ASAP…

mr.king says:

does it have the basic integral formulas saved in it? or if not an option to write them and save them by yourself?

Rawan Alwesabi says:

Witch one is better? The 991es or the 991 ex??

Jack Smith says:

Sir, Please please please make the full version video for each menu in 991 EX ClassWiz like you made in 991 ES.

keeler1160 says:

Can you do RREF with the 991EX?

Basavaraj S Tavade says:

i think it is not allowed in the examinations.. thats why its not that much popular.

Pedro A. Cabrera Rubio says:

hi, the new calculator can save equations ?, I do not mean the result, for example save the equation (x ^ 2 + y), and later use

Sankar Kumar Das says:

Which is the best calculator for engineering student

Christophe Samuel Diaz Harnanto Putra says:

how much money?

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