Casio FX-991 EX classwiz calculator tutorial (perfect for algebra, FE exam, EIT exam)

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Casio FX 991 EX calculator classwiz tutorial & GIVEAWAY!!!
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@0:27, Solve quadratic equation, solve polynomial equations
@2:02, Solve system of equations, solve simultaneous equations,
@2:56, Complex number on calculator, divide complex numbers
@3:30, Log with any base, log base 8 of 4
@3:50, inverse sine, inverse trig, changes degrees to radians
@4:47, summation, sigma summation on scientific calculator,
@5:32, derivative of x/(1+x^2) at x=3,
@6:14, indefinite integral of sqrt(x) from 1 to 4, integral of sqrt(x) on calculator,
Perfect for FE and EIT exam,

Top 5 reasons of getting the Casio fx-115ES PLUS (perfect for EIT, FE exams, back to shool),
Bonus features:


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Pooh Bear says:

Only if i had someone to like my comment… :/
I so want this !! It’s freaking cool XD

Edward Kenway says:

I don”t get the functions of this one…..i am in class 10…i recently bought dis 1…..

JM Productions says:

Don’t you need to do better giveaways than calculators

Eddie123 e says:

To be honest I would take the one that’s open

Tony Celestro says:

I replaced my TI with a Casio fx-115 ES about 9 years ago and its still working. But it would be nice to have a new one.

veda krish na says:

you just helped me soo much thank you!!

Matthew Young says:

What sort of jacket does Mario wear?

Denim denim denim

Everything is at your disposal says:

I fucking love you

Melia says:

You are a super awesome professor!!!!

Korene McDow says:

Awesome calculator! I hope I win! Also, thank you for your Casio FX-115ES Plus tutorial. I am taking my FE in a few days and your tutorial really helped me learn to use my calculator.

Leonel Pisacic says:

how u do the absolute value?

Godfrey Hamshire says:

Enjoyed your channel, we have learned a lot from you, keep up the good work!!!

Sa B says:

Oh, I have CASIO’s calculator too! It’s really best 🙂

Isaiah Isijola says:

wish i could use this calculator but these sort of calculators are banned in my school

Daniel Armstrong says:

I love your videos dude.

Also, everybody, we just all need to agree not to like each other’s comments and then we will all have the “most likes” and we will all get a free calculator 😉

John Jönsson says:

Give me likes or compliments, you choose.

Futuristic Visionary says:

Is there an infinity button?

k2d10tode11 says:

ok just give me the calculator!!

Samin Ahmed says:

i have the same calculator and it is my life

alongolov says:

thanks, man u r great

Morr Man says:


m.a.h Irfan says:

can u tell tell how to use pol botton on 991 fx calc

Ahnaf Abdullah says:

Awesome 😀 I already bought this calculator and have been using it for a few months, it’s awesome for Pure Mathematics and Mathematics B, although I also use it for Accounting

blackpenredpen says:

It’s about one more week left till 12/31

BantamCannon says:

Yo if you like this comment I’ll let you do anything to me. I want that calculator

Arvind Gaur says:

love it

Ramana Art says:


elpumatejada says:

I gonna start studying enngenering next semester this would really help me

A.Bharat Karki says:

What’s the option C in the menu where you choose the mode?

Sophia Chang says:


Sean Thrasher says:

that is a really nice calculator

Charles-Olivier D. says:

Is this calculator good for physics and is this calculator comparable to the TI-36X PRO? I’m struggling to get the best calculator possible, a bit of help would be very appreciated! Thanks a lot

The Calculator Guide says:

It’s a fantastic calculator. Very user friendly with lots of features. Nice Video.

hulk8889 says:

Does it calculate inverse of 4 x4 ?

vihanga akalanka says:

ok cal is great
bt my question is how did you manage to migrate to us?

sascha heil says:


Lewis T says:

Just started a level maths, got this calculator, thank you so much for the help man it acc helped me so much

Cornish Vaper says:

Why you not doctor yet

Julio Alexander Almonte Plascencia says:

i love te Casio fx-115es plus. but is this better or not?

Arya Amirjalali says:

Curry blew a 3-1 lead

rgr trb says:

Just a small question on the spreadsheet;
If I write some data on the spreadsheet and I turn off the calculator, when the power back up the numbers in the spreadsheet are stored or deleted?

Hisham Shakil says:

I have been watching your videos for a while and they help for my maths classes here in the UK. Thanks for these! I don’t really need the calculator but it’s great that you’re doing this giveaway!

Petko Kamenov says:

Casio power

David S says:

I have the fx-115ES Plus and I’m getting a fx-9860GII for Christmas. I’m a big fan of all calculators. I really like Casio and TI. The joy of understanding math and it’s practical applications is an awesome gift. My college makes sure we understanding how to solve math questions without the calculator. It makes one appreciate the use of a calculator so much more. Thank you for making these videos.

JM Productions says:


Cristian Ținc says:

Q: What do you call friends who love math? A: algebros

Happy holidays algebros!!

michalchik says:

I think I still like the Casio 115es plus better. I didn’t see any functions on this one that the 115 does not have and the function layout is more intuitive.

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