CASIO FX-9750GII Graphing Calculator Review

Sorry, about the quality, YouTube is stupid. Try using a different browser if the video is only available in 360p. Thanks, YouTube. Texas Instruments are for communists, so buy a Casio instead. The Casio fx-9750GII is a capable and reasonably priced graphing calculator, perfect for school and business. Its intuitive and well-designed menus offer a user-friendly experience, especially when paired with the user’s manual. Priced around $30-$50, the Casio fx-9750GII is worth the price and outperforms other, more expensive calculators.

Buy the Casio!!

Buy the TI, if you’re a commie…

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Antonio Barba says:

lol, nice video 😀 subscribed!

Emex says:

I have a fx-9860GII and it’s perfect! 😛
( Not exactly advertising, but if you want to see what you can do with that calculator, you can look for it on my channel. It’s way more than mathematics )

jesuisravi says:

you are too heavy on the looks aspect of these things. I, being a commie at heart, am more interested in the nuts and bolts. Does the Casio generate random numbers–does it have somethng commensurate to a ranint key?

PrzedSem says:

This, my friends, is why we use Casio in the UK.

K-Lofix Official says:

Is the casio fx 9750gII compatible for calculus?

Goku17yen says:

It can’t graph 3 dimensional equations right? I also wonder if you can play games on it 😛 Might program some in so I can play while in multivariable class ha ha

Arch Angels AxE says:

I have a friend who needs help to buy a graphing calculators and usually I see prices that are around 120+$ … Is this graphic calculator compatible for statistic?/calc 1,2?

Mr says:

Good vid

Nayiri Ayvazian says:

I have this calculator and i love it!! i completely agree with this video. I’m a college student who’s taking statistics class and I can do everything with this calculator. I also used it for my calculus class. It is very easy to use and less steps then the Texas Instruments. I recommend buying this calculator.

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