Casio ClassWiz – Next Generation Scientific Calculator – Review fx-991EX fx-570EX 991EX 570EX

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⭕ About this video: Casio ClassWiz – Next Generation Scientific Calculator – Review
CASIO ClassWiz calculator is the next generation of scientific calculator. Beautifully designed with excellent functionality, the ClassWiz is able to generate QR codes which you can read with your phone or mobile device to get instructions and generate graphs. There is a range of modes, displayed by using icons rather than just a list. New modes include spreadsheet and ratio modes.


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Calculator Symbols, Modes and Product Names including Natural Visually Perfect Algebraic Mode (V.P.A.M) – All Rights Reserved. Copyright© Casio Computer –
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Lionel Messi says:

Pls say me how to make English?

Saidul Alam says:

I ordered one at ebay for £18. I currently have sharp el-w531 which causing syntax error putting minus inside brackets such as 3(-4). Found no way to fix it.

Timothy Mondragon says:

Sir which should I buy? CASIO fx-991EX or SHARP EL-W506X ?

Farhan Noor says:

what about the scientific constants and unit conversions? there a table for it do this calculator?

Magic Man says:

Sir i would like to ask?im using pythagorean equations and i have a problem solving these problems because the roots that this calculator gives me is the negative root? how can i fix this and display the positive root?

record breaker record maker says:


SimmonSays says:

Great review! I’m comparing this calculator and the “FX991 ES PLUS C” and don’t vote which one is more advanced. Which has more functions?

Arafat Hossain says:

Having great difficulties in scanning the QR using Casio edu+ with my iPad mini.
After 20-30 attempts, I successfully scanned only once. Please tell me is there any way or method of proper scanning the QR ? THANK YOU

Zenonkosa says:

You use computer program which symulating this calculator to make a video?

Praque Forqsk says:

That sounds like a Midlands accent. Derbyshire?

FishGun says:

Is this calculator allowed for the UK A-level maths exams? For exam boards such as Edexcel?

lolgamerz says:

is the 82 ex allowed in igcse examinations???


major fault in any calculator it have no light

Rey Louie Camu says:

Hello sir, i have a problem with this calculator. it cannot shift solve another variable except for X.. while the lower version
fx-991ES plus can shift solve another variable.. for example i input the function 2x+2C=2y^2,C (comma C to shift solve for C) then it will ask the value for X and Y then will solve for C. but the 991EX classwiz cant do that. have you encountered this? thanks for answering

ARSLAN ABID 720 says:

sir i have a question that can we find L.C.M on my casio classwiz

msz msz says:

the QR code it dosent work why

Wan Yan says:

what is the difference between fx 991 ex and fx 570 ex? they look the same

SM STAN says:

what’s the difference between fx-991ex and fx-82ex?

Farhan Noor says:

what about hyperbolic functions? know as in the 991 es plus you press the ‘hyp’ button to access Sinh,COSh,tanH…what about in this calculator?

asasade dese says:

esta version tiene menos funciones
nos han timado
revisen bien su calculadora

Robin Carme says:

How do i do simple equations!?

record breaker record maker says:

is it a good

raven john venigas says:

Going to buy this later

jason laverty says:

I need some advice please.
I have a very old casio fx570 which allows me to input values in micro, pico, nano etc for my electronics calculations. I know on any normal calculator I can put in say :5 exp -6 to get the value 0.000005, but my old casio allows me to input 5 shift 4 and hey presto 5u appears on the screen….Yes Im lazy , but when you are quickly trying to trouble shoot a circuit problem it makes a difference.
I need to replace it as some of the display is now going down and I was hoping you could advice me of a current model that will give me this functionality.

Athul Rag says:

is it possible to replace the solar panel of casio classwiz 991EX?
My calc solar panel accidently cracked and now it isn’t working//////////

Alan K says:

Hi – Me again.

Say if I wanted to calculate the probability to of P(Z<1.2) just using the calculator, how would I do that in Normal CD mode? Also for A-Level Stats is it right to be in CD mode or is PD mode the correct one?

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