Casio Calculator Watch In-Depth Review

Here I take a look at my Casio CA-53W calculator watch, about 2 years after I bought it. I demonstrate all the modes of operation and even do a bit of calculating, rounding out with a hearty recommendation. Thanks for watching and be sure to like and comment!


Leon Tang says:

how do u turn the sound off

WhisperExtreme says:

Trevor watch

Noob-A-Licious Piglet Gaming - NALPGaming says:

How do I turn the sounds on?

Rabdi Bihari says:

awesome review…concise and to the point.

Chemistreeu SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!! says:

Also if you hold down the division button in home screen it displays date in year month day

B.K.A. Pokemon says:

Mikes watch from stranger things 🙂

The Superstar says:

What should the price?

Pro Dude says:

Something to wear to math class

FIFA F.C League says:

My adjust button doesn’t work please help comment please.

J.A. Zoidberg says:

Trevor Philips from GTA V also wears this watch!

ticoelguapo81 says:

Great vid!

Baplly , says:

How can I turn that voice!!?

Manny Vasquez says:

thanks just got one. perfect video

rbml1980 says:

How do I change the day of the week???

Nickisawesome73 says:

Is their a way to change the day on the watch

Givdul says:

explain it a little bit more like say that u need to double click it to change hours to dates u stupit asshillynillypieceof SHIt

cerenir says:

Thank you so much! I thought this particular model didn´t have 24h mode. It helped me a lot!

Marian Sandaltzopoulou says:

How do you turn it silent? Every time I hit a button, no matter what button, it makes a noise

FerrariFast 14 says:

Thanks for the vid! Got a silver one today, a bit different but functions the same, this vid really helped!

IGCubes says:


Morfius says:

does it has a screen light?

flame784 says:

My watch is stuck on wednesday no matter what the date is please help

My Next Minute says:

Gotta love these classic Casio watches!

KTMX says:

can I write words like name & phone number ?

chiefmegadeth says:

I got this because of Back to the Future!
Iv’e had this watch for over 3months now. and i set alarm for 9am
and everyday it goes off. I had no idea how to turn alarm off,until today! thank you so much! lol my wife got so annoyed. Because it woke her up on a saturday morning. She said you better work out how to turn it off,or she will break it. So here i am!

It’s funny i collect watches! and have about 20 watches ranging from $600 and so on. Casio CA-53 cost me $20 on Amazon! and its the watch i use the most! So light and comfortable!

Bill Dauterive says:

What NATO strap width should I get for this watch?

Weird 1 says:

this watch makes me popular at school and i dont need to worry about breaking it

computerkid1416 says:

Marty McFly’s watch from Back to the Future.

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