CAM #2 – Casio II FX-CP400 ClassPad Calculator, Arrival and Review

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An initial review of the Casio fx-CP400 ClassPad Graphing Calculator with CAS. The ClassPad makes use of a touch screen with a stylus which might be a challenge for some…or make it easy to use…?

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Questions I hope to answer in future video reviews and tutorials:
What calculator do I need for school?
What calculator do I need for college?
What is the best calculator for algebra?
What is the best calculator for graphing / graphs?
What is the best calculator for calculus?
What is the best calculator for trigonometry?
How to use my calculator?
How to use RPN / Reverse Polish Notation?

The new fx-CP400 is the first in the ClassPad series to be equipped with a color display. It also boasts resolution 4.4 times higher* than the previous ClassPad. The large color LCD makes it easy to observe mathematical formulas, graphs, and images, realizing more comfortable operation.

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Fredrik Nilsson says:

I just bought this

Lindon Price says:

hi, just looking for a online tutorial’s for the classpad 2. I am studying further maths units 3 & 4 & the calator companion book isn’t up to date with the newer clasped 2 some inputs in the worked examples in the casio classpad calator companion don’t work. great vid cheers

slap_my_hand says:

Those expensive calculators are so advanced, that you have to use a cheap calculator for all the basic stuff.

mpc says:

I have the HP Prime, the Nspire CX Cas and the casio classpad 330 (the 400 is due to me in a couple of days). Like everything in life they all have their pros and cons but overall the casio has the easiest interface to use. The HP Prime is the best form factor, the nspire is the best supported but overall (based on using the 330 and looking forward to the 400) I prefer the Casio – for example being able to drag a formula onto a graph and seeing it plot is a joy; working with single letter and named variables is a doddle. It is slower than the HP Prime at the actual calculation but up to that point it’s much more intuitive to use, and therefore quicker

USS Gerald R. Ford 12th CSG says:

Can it run crisis?

kellog 1 says:

Looks pretty slow to work with using a stylus

socke says:

Hello, I have one question about the Classpad 400. Today my Classpad 400 arrived. If I look in front of the display the angle of view is verry small. With one eye I see high contrast with the other low contrast. Is that normal? Sorry for my english.

Edward Shore says:

Nice and in-depth review!

Chamil Rajapaksa says:


TheDkjayjay says:

thumbs up to Casio for the display size. But that’s all.
i’ll stick to my hp50g and hp prime.
the 50g’s totally open platform satisfy the nerdy part of me.
and the prime satisfy the need-for-speed part of me.

and, Martin, you also get a thumb up for your always inspiring reveiws :o)

HikikomoriGamer says:

Is there an SDK for these for third party developers ?

DefiantlyOz says:

Thanks for good demo. The iPad apps Calculator Infinity and Quick Graph+ are very well priced and have free versions with restrictions to try before you buy. Both very intuitive and are jam packed functionalities of practically any full featured graphic calculator our there. However for your exams the iPads may be a problem and thus these calculators may be the only way.

bijak maks says:


dave1x1 says:

best calculator ever

Jeesubmyunu says:

Did you try *dragging* the trace crosshairs? If that doesn’t work, that’s really lame. Also, to decrease the time it takes to calculate the portion of the graphs out of the view window, you can set the pitch to a lower value. The pitch is what tells the calculator how precisely you want the graph to be drawn (i.e. the lower it is, the more points it finds and connects)

nicholas finn says:

good thorough overview. 

The Overseer says:

Wow, that’s one big bar phone..

Donald Bridgeman says:

Classpad400 CAS for Algebra Do you know od any books in English for help on Algebra….                  Thank You…

Grant Anderson says:

Could someone please explain why getting a real calculator like this is superior to perhaps getting a small 7″ android tablet and installing one of the many well developed calculator apps?  It would seem to me that not only do you get a much bigger nicer screen but that you have many more options.  For instance, there is the Andi-graph app which lets you take the Texas Instrument roms from any calculator and basically turn your phone or tablet into a real TI calculator.  I’ve seen a variety of scientific calculators that can be used for a variety of things.  Just wondering.  £50 for a kitkat tablet with wi-fi and Bluetooth capacitive touchscreen, etc. and apps that are either free or £2.20 each.  and internet and many other functions and features.

Nawal Ahmed says:

I am allowed to use for exam hall

Tomas Retamal says:

i cant get it out of the fucking case

Tosin Oduwole says:

Does it show the step by step solution when you put in a question ???

E. Nieminen says:

The battery lasts like 6 months !
Why doesnt casio make smartphones too? They could make really cool and simple phones with months of battery life

Vsatyk says:

The workflow looks clunky going from the physical buttons to the stylus. Seems very slow.

Rodrigo Zúñiga García says:

Great video Martin!!. For what I see it is a REAL pain to enter a simple symbolic expression: The calculator looks great but this constant toggling between keypad and stylus it is confusing. I think this calc is good when you are at home studying or doing some mathematical analysis. I can’t imagine using this calculator while I am in the middle of an exam!.

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