CAM #1 – HP Prime Graphing Calculator Arrival and Review

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An introduction and initial review of the the HP Prime colour (color) graphing touch screen calculator. I also put it side by side with the Ti Nspire to compare size. This is a very nice machine!

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Questions I hope to answer in future video reviews and tutorials:
What calculator do I need for school?
What calculator do I need for college?
What is the best calculator for algebra?
What is the best calculator for graphing / graphs?
What is the best calculator for calculus?
What is the best calculator for trigonometry?
How to use my calculator?
How to use RPN / Reverse Polish Notation?

The calculator you’ll want to hold on to.
Say hello to the evolution of handheld calculating in a
sleek, slim, brushed metal design that looks great and
performs even better. Keep the calculator protected when
it’s not in use with a slide
-on cover.
Enjoy a feature-rich calculating experience with familiar HP
keypad and a large 3.5-inch diagonal, multi-touch display.
Powerful applications.
We don’t stop at hardware. You also get an integrated tool
suite. HP Equation Writer supports multiple linear and non-
linear equation solving. HP Solve is time-saving application
that allows you to store equations and solve for variables.
Explore math concepts with Dynamic Geometry, CAS and
spreadsheet applications. Easily switch between symbolic,
graphical, and numerical table views of any mathematical
expression with dedicated buttons.
With the Advanced Graphing app, you can plot what other
calculators cannot. Graph virtually anything in X and Y
including inequalities and conic sections by simply entering
the expression and pressing plot.
Save time and keystrokes with RPN and programmable
functions, and see intermediate results while you work.
Turn the calculator into a customizable testing tool with
exam mode configuration that makes only pre-approved
functions available.
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Nicolas Lopez says:

I still believe that Ti-Nspire CX CAS is the best for school

Geert Delmulle says:

Hi +VBlogMag, where are the follow-up videos on your calc-compare series?
BTW: got my Prime today… what a beast!
Did you do the latest firmware update already?
Now pinching in plot mode is possible (and a breeze) and especially the sketch feature is downright awesome!

rocktolovetolive says:

So I am an engineer student, and more or less need a calculator with good matrices equations solver, integrals and partial derivates solver. Basically really good and fast CAS. How does it stand against a CX CAS. I am considering HP since it is cheaper.

Christopher Williams says:

Man! I want an HP Prime, but I’m an owner of TI-Nspire CAS. I will feel pretty bad if I purchased 2 things that are identical. There is a few things that the HP Prime does better such as the ans(x) function, using commas, use of stem-and-leaf plot, touchscreen, and more. What turned me away from it originally, was the lack of 3D graphing.

Anon archist says:

My Prime came with 2 user manuals, one is spanish and then the same exact one in spanish so I have no idea how to work this thing…

NipkowDisk says:

If HP wants to sell me one or more of these, they will absolutely need to implement classic user RPL as found in the 50G.



Deezel Riggs says:

HP Prime, Ti nSpire CX CAS… they are great but … i still love my old trustworthy Ti-92 Plus lol

whcvip says:

Thanks for the great videos comparing calculators, nice detailed and well explained.

Just wondering what calculator your self ended up with, or use the most of the ones tested?, this HP Prime does seems to be overall best value, but which one did you pick?

Jose Arreola says:

I love RPN and hate that hp prime only has it on home mode and only CAS has exact mode, it gives Sin(pi) = -2.0×10^-13 instead of 0

Diabolicus Rex says:

The TI calculator stranglehold is why the US is never going back to the Moon.

Alexei Polkhanov says:

If you have a collection of calculators it would be nice if you can do a series of horizontal slice reviews per function such as complex number, differentiation, integrals etc.

Layzer says:

I bought this calculator when my old and trusty TI-89 died after 10 years of heavy use and I decided to go for something with a cool LCD screen, like the HP-prime. I decided to go for it and not the TI Nspire CX CAS because the HP had much newer hardware, even tho as a newer model I knew it would have much buggier software at the beginning. Well, I regret choosing it over the Nspire until today and never loved it, I never loved that app based environment and the buggy solve command cannot even solve “x^2 – 2^x=0 ,x” even today, running the latest firmware. what it loves doing most of the time is spitting out empty brackets [[]] instead of usable results, in more of the 1/3 of the times the command is used. The calculator fails so often to give usable results without hanging etc that I lost my trust on it and it ends up more and more laying forgotten in my closet.

As a heavy user of the programming feature I was trying for ages to figure out simple things about how to output text and results properly on the screen and I never managed to find out how to have a probram output something like a matrice or a fraction on the screen in a pretty and easily readable textbook form, like even my old TI-89 with its old style dot matrix screen was capable of, but all that seems possible is to throw them out as ugly, one-lined strings, like “Mat1=[1,2,3][4,5,6][7,8,9]” or “F=((q1+q2)/(q3*r))/r^x)” for the users pleasure to read.

Now, after I went through the initial period of happiness, then the period of denial and finally the period of frustration I finally realized and admitted to myself that I really must go for another TI if I really want my smile to return to my face again, and after one year of frustration I’m on the market for that Nspire CX CAS…

noname says:

hi . can you insert images on this calculator ? could you upload a video with details about “how to insert images on a graph calculator ” ??

Wim Maes says:

1/9*9 = 0,99999999 ???

Frantisek Kurcik says:

Good review, but you forget to say one of the most important things: How do you swap stack values Y to X in RPN mode. On HP50g you had to use right arrow. On HP35s there is a separate button. I think the most valuable thing is indeed the RPN mode on these calculators.

noname says:

hi . can you insert images on this calculator ? could you upload a video with details about “how to insert images on a graph calculator ” ??

Toby Allan says:

I will start on school now as a technical drawer, which calculator if i should choose between HP Prime and TI Nspire CX CAS, very confused which one would be the best buy ??

Best Regards.

Ex Set says:

Piece of shit comparing to HP 50g. Weird inconsistent GUI: too small to be tablet with touch interface and lost old eco system for professional work from keyboard. It has defective RPN mode. Separate CAS (even TI has CAS integrated in all calculations) !!! Completely lost RPL language and all RPL eco system. Anally fenced system programming. Verdict: the stupid product for small kids. Fucking world, things going further and further designed for idiots. (Look “Idiocracy” movie). HP, where is proper version of 51g  ???

Russell Goldman says:

Can anyone explain why sometimes my “x t (theta) n” button gets mapped to the letter ‘a’ vs the default ‘x’. I have to perform a factory reset to get it working correctly again.

oracleofottawa says:

Ordinary people use Texas Instruments, the best people use Hewlet Packard, there are just more ordinary people then smart people…

ElAmigoCarlos says:

Sin duda HP Prime hasta ahora lidera con su velocidad, muchos programadores estan logrando cosas muy prometedoras con ella.

Israel mendoza says:

I really love your video. i also subscribed to your channel. thanks for the informational video for this specific graphing calculator. I was looking for a new graphing calculator for my various college calculus courses. I was uneasy about my purchase i had heard good feed back from other students. Based on the promotional information and some videos and price comparison i decided on the hp prime. I really like how it good for standardized testing.

Mike Crumby says:

You’ve had your HP Prime for a while, so what’s the verdict? Like, Love, Dislike?

P. Massket says:

Classpad 400 is my favourite


I never understood the argument “Because the calculator has advanced functions you cant use it on the test” well what difference dose it make, you still have to enter in the data into the calculator and you still have to understand why you are entering the data. I think its because they have everything standardized and the teacher cant help you if you got a different model then he does. The worst part is your required to purchase a $100 item that cost TI $10 to manufacture and its not the best for actual engineering work so basically its a $100 paper weight after high school. THANKS DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION

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