CAM #0 – Graphing Calculator Review / Buyers Guide / Comparison Part 1 – General Calculation

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This is the introductory video on a new series on Calculators and Maths (CAM). I will review calculators, do calculator tutorials and compare calculators using math exercises.
In this video I start off with a part 1 review of the follow:
Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus, Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium, Casio USB FX-9860GII,Casio Prizm FX-CG10, Texas Instruments Nspire CX CAS, HP 50g, coming soon…the HP Prime.

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Questions I hope to answer in future video reviews and tutorials:
What calculator do I need for school?
What calculator do I need for college?
What is the best calculator for algebra?
What is the best calculator for graphing / graphs?
What is the best calculator for calculus?
What is the best calculator for trigonometry?
How to use my calculator?
How to use RPN / Reverse Polish Notation?
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MileHigh PC says:

Great video, do you think you could show how to solve triangles on the Nspire CAS? Thanks

Jakki Rose says:

At 31:15, you say that you can’t perform the n/d function on the TI-84 like on the TI-30XS. But you can. All you have to do is hit the Alpha button (the green one in the top left corner) and then the “Y=” function at the very upper left hand corner, just beneath the screen. Pushing the Alpha button and then the “Y=” button allows you to select the “F1” function. It’ll show a menu with 4 options regarding fractions/numerators and denominators. You select the first option (1: n/d) and it’ll immediately allow you to carry out expressions in numerator/denominator notation. *I don’t mean to be a bitch and correct you. I just wanted to let you and everyone else know what their TI-84 is capable of.*


non of these calculators have BACKLIT KEYS?

Josh H says:

I love how you say your can’t do fractions on the ti84. it’s called Alpha then y=

Diabolicus Rex says:

HP and RPN rules. TI users are losers!

Elijah Comstock says:

50gs not cheep any more!

Condotiero Malingraux says:

Well, for the Casios, you don’t have to write: (13/2.5)*7, just 13/2.5*7, because that’s the natural way of maths…and that’s one of the reasons I prefer it over the rest.

warmaxxx says:

what would be better to get Casio Prizm or Nspire CX CAS
? for a mech/elec major

Ashim Paudel says:

+VBlogMag Can you please add subtitles to your video. Your videos are really informative. Thank you for creating such educational videos! I would appreciate if you add subtitle so every word you speak will be clear as I am having problem in understanding some of the words you spoke in video!

Elias C.Gomes says:

in eletrical we have to calc many equations with retangular and polar numbers due to impedances and angles between tensions and currents, even solve 3×3 sistems equations with complex, so beteen those and includind hp prime with calc more suited? preferable with AAA bateries.

Anonymous Cloud says:

I got my Ti-84 Silver Edition for $80 at Target.(It was on sale)
Also thank you for this insightful review.(The I/O port is to connect to other calculators.)

Rodrigo López says:

Hi, I have got a doubt, I want to buy a Texas instrument but I don’t know if buy Nspire or Voyage 200. I’m studying civil engineering and I have looked that the Voyage is more expensive that the Nspire. I hope that you can help me, because I really need a Texas Instrument. Thx and sorry for my poor English, I’m learning 🙂

Cryosardonic says:

Your bench gives me an electronic hard-on.

charlie gilliland says:

Nice vid, but where did you get those ugly green lights from?

Ed Lee says:

I want the best calculator for storing text notes and also equations… I have a mac but also have access to PC’s

What are your thoughts?

shyam khatri says:

which is best for survey

Alan Kelly says:

Apart from TI89, is there any calculators can do infinite differentiation and integration
i.e. if I put in x^3 and it can tells me the derivative is 3x^2

humberto arroyo says:

Hi brother I Am from a poor third World country would you give me one of Those calculators as a gift thank you

Agustin says:

Great vídeo! But I wanna know if you can have the numerator/denominator writting mode on the TI-89.


brilliant and very very helpful video, thanks for posting!

Michael Doyle says:

very informational

Juli an says:

hi guys, I’m advanced on my actuarian career and I can’t decide between Casio FX-CG10 and HP Prime. Any ideas? I’m interested mostly in ecuations, spreadsheets and statistics. thanks!

Daniel Agostinho says:

On casio calculators, you can first press “ab/c”, so you don’t need brackets. On Ti-84 and Ti-89, you can change the mode, and then you can press “ab/c” first and doesn’t need brackets too.

Mahfuz Shaon says:

My fx991EX can do simple graphs 🙂 , integration and differentiation

Kim says:

In 41:20 you could’ve hit Ctrl+Divide to make che division line (no idea what it is called in english). no need for brackets!

EmilLime says:

Bitch please, smartphones. :DDD

Hassan Omey says:

I need calculate and I’m look for the one is best.

jaybe seda says:

thats why you just get the ti nspire cx/cas

Steve Bergman says:

I had to chuck over the line about people saying that the TI-84 was still their favorite. I have an HP48GX and HP50G… and my TI-59 is still my favorite… for 38 years running, now.

Keegan Dent says:

That “WriteView” feature on the 30xs is available on the 84 if you update the operating system

미스타윤 says:

he really want people to learn, nice and I feel a lot of thanks

Nimer 2014 says:

hello I have a question for Osman on the machine fx-9750gii  how lies work partial fraction eq:(x+19)/(x+2)^2

Kalecimus says:

Interesting video, i’m not familiar with scientic calculators but i wonder, what is the selling point for it in this day an age, when you can download apps for free on your smartphone that does essentially the same thing, acctually its not only free to get thoose apps but they do a much better job too, so again what is the selling point for those calculators?

vendalsavage says:

i am about to purchase a graphing calculator. can anyone tell me which one would be better. the HP prime or TI Nspire CX CAS?

김하늘 says:

Twhy so you need sutch expensive colculator i buy for 3$ why is that bad?

Spike blahblahblah says:

this is a great review.  I would like to see one comparing some of the more advanced functions of these calculators.  Like on my ti-89 i have several advanced “solve” functions that can work with variables and complex numbers, factors, and integrals.  I wonder every time i think about upgrading if these functions are in calculators that i’m looking at.

Filipe Goncalves says:

50g ftw

Seung Hyun Shin says:

I have casio fx 9860g ii.

Can i use CAS function?

goobon says:

A great choice to make is to buy a Casio FX-9750GII and flash the 9860GII OS onto it. It’s simple enough and you get all the same features for a fraction of the price. I purchased one secondhand for $15.

StarTrek123456 says:

$100 for a cheap custom processor, some buttons and a low resolution LCD without a backlight. seems legit.

Ricky25557 says:

The Ti – 84 does have the textboox entry like the ti 30. Just press alpha and then they y= and you can enter frations in math print.

Tommy Hoo says:

Hi, how about Algebra FX-2.0 Plus?

TheExaltedPheonix says:

03:00 – That is all very well, but because you haven’t said that HP products are unreliable bits shit (particularly their printers); it renders many of the things that you have said about the factors that we should consider statistically inaccurate and all factors must be taken into consideration.
For that reason, I see no point in watching your video.

Ricky25557 says:

Very well made video. First time my attention spam allows me to watch a hour long video.

01chohan says:

HP 50g or TI-84 Plus SE?

JsebasR92 says:

I think you just did not see the instruction manual in many of these calculators and comments only threw one hour of use on each. But is your opinion what you think of each.

Ethan Skinner says:

How do you make a 53-minute long video about calculator?

Joe Yabuki says:

you have the kind of numerator denominator on NSPIRE, all you have to do is press on the button on the right of 9.

Prasad Hegde says:

Hi nice video , very informative , could you please help to choose between TI 89 and HP 40GS. My usage is college trigonometry and calculus

Cameron Rozek says:

Ti nspire Cx cas master race

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