Calculator Unboxing #3 (Casio Watch) – Numberphile

It’s the Casio Data Bank Calculator Watch, unboxed for Numberphile by Matt Parker.
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Malik Zaheer Abbas says:

No stand either

Jayashantha Perera says:

Is their a light please e mail me

Seth Jones says:

also worn by Marty McFly.

robbie 74 says:

Old school cool

kickalion says:

It’s Walter’s White watch 😮

Egg Head says:

You are massively annoying.

Bill A says:

OMG i used to have this same exact model back in high school in the late 80’s.
Used to store a bunch of phone numbers and birthdays in it, oh and as a quick calculator too.
I remember the keypad membrane fading after a while, the wristband cracked after about a year, guess it wasn’t UV stabilized well enough, I had to guess the numbers after a while… but great memories 🙂
Oh it had a hidden cellphone build in too … nah it didn’t, but I sure wish it did… tsk tsk

大好きEDM says:


Domihork says:

I love that the other Casio calculator is still showing the sqrt(17) from the previous video 😀

syaid faizal says:

you forgotten tell them how soft the band are

Simon Paul says:

Thanks, technology

bringoutthelegos says:

The handle for the display stand actually doubles as a place to put a price tag if the watch is on display in a shop.

Bunny Meats says:

“the sig” LOL!!!! I’m crying

ihathtelekinesis says:

2:51 I see the FX85 has worked out how to do the square root of 17 properly now.

Dominic Shiells says:

I had one

Draco Venit says:

It achieves the number of the beast!!!

Robin Reagan says:

Wow! They still have the Data Bank watches. I bought my first Casio Data Bank at a Sharper Image in Denver Colorado in 1984. It had a phone book, schedule, calculator… It was totally awesome!

Fabian Levican S. says:

“It can be there, or there, or anywhere in between. It can be in an uncountably infinite number of positions.” I’m taking a topology course in college, and I can’t believe that cracked me up very loudly for some reason. Lol.

peglor says:

It was shipped with the wrong stand – this is not a databank watch. Amazing that this model is still available, virtually unchanged, from the model Casio were making 30 years ago.

beatlecost says:

Hahaa, great video man, really liked the jokes. Also, your voice sounded like Michael Palin’s. But, did you actually liked the watch, I couldn’t tell…xD

ahmadaamer6 says:

No, they are saying that if you use the watch in California you will get cancer. Everywhere else in the world is safe… LOL

Danny Bruno says:

is it for nerds

Varga Dénes says:

My son is into calculators im starting get into watches, so i thought i’d buy him this model. One thing i couldnt get certain of, wich is a feature he uses the most. He is adding x + x and then he presses equals as many time as he is interested in the outcome, usually untill 1000 or 2000.
My question is: is this watch capable of doing that?
Would be a great present for him if someone could answer this. Thanks a lot!

nateme m says:

I want to become a Casio designer. One day I will design a Casio Piano/keyboard watch! Casio are you listening?

Rick Grimes says:

Walter white watch

Imants Balodis says:


ricky garibo says:

This guy is wired

Munjee Syed says:

Walter white uses this ? BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE AN RV MODE

GAZzamer Splat says:

Only got for school

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