Calculator Unboxing #2 (Casio fx) – Numberphile

We unbox the Casio fx-85GT in black, pink and blue.
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Dinonid123 says:

My gender is classic casio calculator

David B says:

We have the 86+ at school 🙂

trien pham says:

Why preserve the packaging when you’re going to run it over with a car?

All the best says:

its funny when you say in every video Calculator Unboxing “instructions” :))

Marek Večeřa says:

He should press the S-D button to change the result

AweProd22 says:

If you weren’t careful with the unboxing, you could’ve turned the calculator into a fx-85GT+ red.

Carson Mcnamer says:

When is the next episode?

Marek Večeřa says:

He should press the S>D button to change the result

Luis Zhang says:

Does he do graph capable calculators?

Vroxzz Roxz says:

I am the once-proud [now, suitably ashamed] owner of a ‘casio fx plus nothing’ … If only I could have laid my hands on a ‘plus pink’ – how different my life would be * gazes wistfully into the distance *


I love this calculator.

Add0805 says:

that’s my long time calculator!

Drago Kai says:

5:13 I completely lost it when he said “Marvelous”

nerfkunai says:

there is a buton to make it give yo decimals instead of fractions and roots

A Pacotinho says:

I laugh more by a calculator unboxing than to other kinds of entertaining videos

Marek Večeřa says:

He should press the S>D button to change the result

Jacob Riley says:

I just want somebody to send him a TI-NSPIRE CX CAS and a Chinese ripoff of it to see how badly they did.

Yehezkely Lior says:

You need to press shift equals to see the actuall number result

Marek Večeřa says:

the S-D button change the result

Elektron Atom says:

What they didn’t tell you is that it is sponsored by CASIO

shadow turtle yinyang says:

when dealing with square roots and get the same root back press the s–}d button

loppol11 says:

Omg I have that one!!

Responding to what This dumbass said says:

It’s Casio plastic beach

Emil Macko says:

I’m going to create a calculator that, when you type in any given calculation and hit equals, will just display the same calculation as the answer. Because then it won’t be wrong (it’ll be the most accurate calculator in the world believe me)

Piper hallack says:

Your supposed to hit the S=D Button to change the fraction to a decimal.

ffggddss says:

OK, I’m not Canadian, but has anyone else noticed that this “unboxing” video was posted on Boxing Day?
Of course, Matt, that surely was intentional?
“No it wasn’t, and stop calling me Shirley!”

Kaptain Kek says:

991 es crew were u at

Peniz Flaccidman says:


Animesh Patra says:

Haha..1:47….preserving the box will increase your calculator’s investment value

Chase Hanson says:

I guess you could call this a Parker Calculator. Missing all those functions, it’s just not quite right.

Ro Bc says:

this man has trained many years to get to this level of mastery in sarcasm

escapeplan4 says:


Yerin Park says:

I’m feeling oddly proud that this one got such a high score… It’s the exact one I carry to school.

Aaron Exists says:

It’s driving me mad to watch him do this without pressing the S< =>D button

Jarpreet Singh says:

3+ years later I can verify 1 is a prime number , you can now divide by 0 and also 67 is even now. dont ask why

Marek Večeřa says:

He should press the S-D button to change the result.

[ Mike4Life ] says:

What would you call that cutting instrument he uses?

Marek Večeřa says:

He should press the S-D button to change the result

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