Calculator Unboxing #1 – Numberphile

We put three calculators through their paces with a series of special tests.
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Featured are the Morrisons Desktop Calculator, WHSmith Scientific Calculator and Canon AS-120 Arc Design.

Featuring Matt Parker –

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Peniz Flaccidman says:

last one is great lol

vangelis skandalos says:

In calculators, only a specific size of number can fit which is very limited but on phones and computers, we can enter numbers which can be as long as we want.

Linden Rose says:

but 0.9 reaccuring is 1

Raspberry Cat says:

But 0.999999999999 is 1….

TheRealFalkenmaster says:

Did you use the respective calculators to work out the mean?

bob8mybobbob says:

Honestly the best unboxing video I have ever seen.

Bill Volk says:

if you’re in total darkness and you can’t see your LCD calculator, does it matter whether it’s still running or not?

mpeterfin says:

You dropped the calculator with the case incorrectly. You should have dropped it with the case on it so as to protect it and then also done it with it on the back as you did. Then average those scores.

Russel Brooks says:

What, no RPN calculators? You should give penalty points for the presence of an ‘=’ key.

freeaxedv2 says:

The first one rounded √2 wrong, it should have been 1.4142136 instead of 1.412135

Drago Kai says:

Guys, when you’re doing important calculations in an RV, ALWAYS be sure to switch your calculator to RV mode. Why, I was doing a routine 1/0 calculator test in my RV just the other day, and right as I pressed the equal button we ran over a pothole! The screen shattered and behind it there was a portal to the Nine Hells of Baator!

Blind mans Guitarist says:

Never in my life did I expect to come across one of these… I love it.

InfiniteCows says:

I might be a little bit late to the party, but this is exceedingly entertaining. Thank you very much for making my day, in a way.

Sky M says:

I love how he shows how to open to boxes so he can return it later, then 10 minutes later drops them, splashes them with water, or burns them. But atleast you did not damage the box I guess

Ryan Eakins says:

Some people think that 0.9999… = 1.

Thomas Steele says:

Was that a meth joke?!

Soap says:

Wen video sigue asi prro

goose121 says:

“Trigonomic” functions?

Jake Samuels says:

I love my ti 84
Just saying……

cypher526 says:

lol “really zero”

Sinsearach says:

exacto….. instead of hands for disposable plastic half-box glued to thin cardboard

SilverDax says:

This is the best

Munjee Syed says:

“rv mode for when your making meth ” matt parker 2013

Mr. Capatiler says:

I don’t know what I’ve been doing right or what he’s been doing wrong but my calculator can calculate up to 99 digits

TheCubism says:

Wtf am I Doing with my Life??

Random British Person says:

The sarcasm is real

Karar t says:

is this what they mean by weaponised autism

Luis Calderari says:

I never thought this could be so awesome haha.

Stephen Pentony says:

Brilliant.Just brilliant. “Oh it comes with a case and it slides on only one way”. hahahahahahah.

actua99 says:

Sometimes youtube just needs a facepalm button next to the thumbs up/down-buttons…
Well done 🙂

Phetthasone manipakone says:

i enjoyed his jokes

Zoe S17 says:

Does anyone know why holding 456 and pressing the on button shuts the calculator down? Is it perhaps a memory or buffer overflow that causes the calculator to shut down in order to reinitialize its memory?

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