20 Cool Features Of Casio fx-991ES Scientific Calculator !!

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Hello My Dear Friends,
I’m Sujoy from India,and today I’ll tell you about 20 cool features of this calculator in COMP mode. I’ve uploaded many other videos on this calculator,Click the playlist link above to watch them.

List of 20 features-
1. Fractional Calculation
2. Expression Calculation
3. Trigonometric Calculation
4. Percentage Calculation
5. Hour,Minute,Second- Sexagesimal Calculation
6. CALC and SOLVE Function
7. Random Number Generation
8. Numerical Integration
9. Differentiation
10. Factorial Calculation
11. Unit Conversion
12. Scientific Constant Feature
13. Root Calculation
14. Permutation and Combination
15. Using Calculator’s Storage
16. Multi-Statement Calculation
17. Adjusting Display Contrast
18. Typing Names In Calculator
19. Polar To Rectangular Conversion
20. Rectangular To Polar Conversion

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And a series of videos showing how to use your scientific calculators Casio fx-991ES & fx-82MS to do maths easily.

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Berk Karşı says:

Mine doesn’t look like this

dermetfan says:

Thank you, I’ve been using this calculator since high school!


sir, is there any way to find the inverse laplace transform using this calculator?

Amira Traish says:

how to solve 4x^4 – 3x^3 -x^2 -1 =0

Soma Sarkar says:

Can I store a formula in fx-82ES?

Harsh Nagpal says:


Sujoy Das says:

hii my name is also sujoy das

r3ndomgirl says:

Thank you!

Akanksha Shrivas says:

How to convert casio into radian???

Doremi Bala says:

how to find HCF of 3 or more numbers. please get back soon

Ayesha Noor says:

brother i have the same calculator but after clearing the all memory …. my calculator screen becomes blue and all functions signs display on the head/top of screen … how can i fix it

Dean Welch says:

well done man liked the video! 🙂

XP huntR says:

selfie maine leli aaj!!

Nepali Youtubers says:

type (rootunder 10*(space)10power13 ) the calculator remains hanged

Nilabh Sonal says:

How to delete the stored values to variables ??

Manoj Rijal says:

how much it costs ?
I bought it in INR 500.

Smart Vedios says:

sir i buy a new caculactor i change into statastics subject how

Harpreet Singh says:

This is not even interesting but most affordable and quick pocket way to reach mathematical solution without looking for expensive, slow and fanciful mathematical software’s inside new gen expensive laptops.
since 25 years with calculator but never thought this way.
Actually the features is well known to me, but never thought for others usages as presented in successive tutorials.

Hafizah Labunog Bte. Abdullah says:

hi thank you very much for the guudelines on how to use casio 991 scientific calculator… it gives me some idea coz sometimes so confusing again thank you


nCr कैसे निकले अगर n=100, r=3 हो तो( 100!/97!×3!)

Gaming with Shaswot says:

If u press root under 10 multiplied by 10power 13 the calculator will be hang for 4_5 minutes


How will come i

kathy2659 says:

How did you solve the sin30. Im getting 0.4 not a half

ak_organization NUSTIAN says:

You are super duper hero. can you plz tell me is there any way to arrange all random numbers in increasing or decreasing order

Atomicus Prime says:

I love it, thank you!

chen adam says:

Hello can tell me why when I enter tan(65) the answer is 1.631851687, but the answer is actually 2.144506920, it seems like all the trig function got different answer than the correct ones. Can you tell me why? Btw, I got the same calculator as you have. Thank you

nikka jane dela cruz says:

Hello Sir Sujoy Krishna Das i badly need your help,, can you contact me in this email.. regarding in this calculator and also.. how to ace math.. thanks you in advance..

Arctic Blade says:


ع Da says:


canadaguy1959 says:

Slow down and show us EXACTLY which buttons you are pressing.

Nerotso Rotzz says:

i think there is a limit of figures that this calculator can work with

Peace Setter says:

nice effort…….keeeeeeep it up!

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