1980’s Casio Calculator watches CA-851 CFX-200 DBC-620

I am a bit of a nerd. Let me demo the wonders of my favorite 1980s Casio Calculator watches. CA-851 CFX-200 DBC-620

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Owen Tomos says:

I love casio products, great video, great company.

ariefianto95 says:

I have the rubber casio watch, very light and so damn cheap:D

JetEyeNight says:

Sine Cosine Tangent

Drew says:

I’m 15 and I have Casio watch lol

Alan Buckingham says:

Er, it’s not even clear you know about calculator watches from the 1980s. It’s ’80s not 80’s, as shown on your T shirt. Arghhhh!

J Film says:

I loved that game and won a lots of money at school in competitions with it.

Dutzu Miho says:

You beautiful nerdy bastard. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, your spirit car is a Prius.

Fezza says:

That brought back some memories. I had a black one and I loved it!

Matt Maran Motoring says:

The data bank one is pretty sweet! You’re making me nostalgic for the 80s and I wasn’t even alive! Lol

jamesb72 says:

Calculator watch on both wrists seems irresponsible – you could break the internet!

Dennis Dowd says:

Casio was the computers of my youth. I loved these watches and everything that Casio made. They seem to have fallen behind but I know they still make nice watches.

Andromeda Zoowitski says:

No nude selfies with Casio watches Neck. Makes me sad.

melnahass says:

I used to have the same watch like the gold one but in black.

TVATodd says:

Holy crap I forgot about these! I had a Casio databank in Jr High and some guy stole it then I found out he had it and the principal made him give it back to me and apologize. Good times. That watch got me a hot girl’s phone number lol.

mousetrap 134 says:


Rusizzle says:

I currently wear the casio f-91w

azaz911c says:

I knew this watch video was coming.

bringoutthelegos says:

Good that they are still around. I picked one up at Walmart for 20 dollars.

Moby Dick says:

You should get a Rolex.

ArtMan says:

Dont wear a watch since around 1990:s but had a calculator watch before! It was a cheap copy so it broke a second after you payed…but i was cool :). Nick how many more surprises can we expect from you? Secret rooms in your house?

Afrocanuk says:

Actually most people today that claim to know much about cars; don’t. The vast majority neither know nor have any clue of what happened during the 1990’s.

azaz911c says:

4:03 my gosh, is that hideous…

JetEyeNight says:

The Tissot T Touch is a fantastic watch though, nothing to be embarrassed about.

Herwig V says:

omg … 🙂

Guillermo de la Maza says:

You brought back quite a few memories. Thanks Nick!

Jay Pase says:

I thought calculator watches were mostly used for cheating on math tests

bil says:

Nick, you are a hilarious mofo!

B bo says:

My brother had a touch screen calc watch that stopped working when you scratched the screen. Considering how easy it is to scratch the screen …

Mexican Man Mundo says:

He said that the tissot is cheap that watch cast 400$ to 900$

Dennis P says:

I used to think you were a pretty cool guy. Now I think you’re a very cool guy.

SuperMang says:

sorry.. but what model Porsche are these? i can hardly keep up these days

Louis says:

Today I found out that calculator watches exists and are quite boring as a topic of conversation. Very enlightening Nick xD

The Empire says:

How do you find the time to make all these videos when you’re clearly drowning in lady parts?

Number27 says:

Great stuff Nick!! Always liked these in a really odd sort of way, can’t remember the model I had but most from our generation have been through one or two of these hideous things!!

Eren Berberoglu says:

Hi Nick, CFX is a great watch, congrats.
We have some common taste 🙂
1970 911 targa, 1993 Casio vdb-1000 & ia-1000 owner here.

sdcr says:

I never wore a watch, and in my youth cell phones came right in time so I never had to use a watch. But had I been born earlier, calculator watches would have totally been my thing. (I often carried my normal casio scientific calculator with me, even when I wasn’t no my way to school.) That reminds me, there is no cool smartphone today that is to other smartphones, what calculator watches were to normal watches. Sad world.

steffydog1 says:

Adds up now, he he

Yippie says:

Now I know why you don’t have a girlfriend. 😉  JK of course…

frostydc4 says:

Yep I had a few in grade school & middle school. They were awesome for tests until he teacher figured out what they were.

Mark Richards says:

You should add a Seiko Astron GPS watch to your collection. Accurate time wherever you are using GPS signals.

QuikStop says:

I’m SOLD on the Tissot Touch (being an aviator an’ all!) but your proficiency with the “number attack” leaves me in complete awe!! I can see where your many idle hours have been spent. The fanciest watch I ever had was the Citizen Wingman, complete with flight circular slide rule around the bezel. Not sure about that tie – a bit too Spandau Ballet for even me!

Subversive says:

This is the worst video ever uploaded to youtube.

Ralph Hardwick says:

Jesus Fucking Christ Nick. This is weapons grade nerdery.

azaz911c says:

5:42. Wow. Seconds of fun…

Jason Newquist says:

Nick, Nick, Nick. “PIN Number”? Seriously? I’m so disappointed.

Clutchengaged says:

You are hilarious

Robin Reagan says:

I had a Data Bank watch in 1984. I drove 60 miles to get at a Sharper Image in Denver Colorado. What a great watch! I got so much grief for it but I did’t care! It was awesome.

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