Fellowes Powershred 125Ci Cross-Cut Shredder (3312501) Review

Stellar, Effortlessly & Quickly Eats Everything, But Not Silent

This is a stellar large shredder that eats everything you can fit into the opening faster than you can shove more in. Whether it is 1 page or a stack, it sounds effortless while other shredders whine and slow. It shreds faster than I can pick up and fit another stack into the opening. The opening is actually a great design. It can take nearly anything you can fit in, but it will show you green/yellow/red indicators as feedback about the load before it automatically stops and reverses if too much. But it takes real effort to overload it because it is hard to fit more than it can handle without carefully aligning and inserting a thicker stack. I love being able to throw unopened envelopes into it. I really like the auto on/off energy efficiency so that I never have to turn it on or off again, it is always ready, wakes up instantly, and goes to sleep on its own. It is narrow so it fits more snugly too. It holds a good amount before you have to compress it or empty it. It comes with oil and bags (just oil it every time you empty it).

Minor Drawbacks: (1) It is noisier than implied by the description “ultra-quiet”. I really thought it would be very quiet. It isn’t silent. Someone in the next room can definitely hear it is running, especially on wood floors. Compared to my previous small shredder, it sounds similar, or slightly better due to no stressing sounds. But I might not shred while someone is on the phone in the room out of politeness. (2) You can’t fit many envelopes width-wise if you want to avoid fractional readable text appearing on the shreds, but you can just pull out the contents and drop them together. (3) It does mound up inside under the opening like any shredder, but its size gives it a lot of room before it reaches the top. (4) I went through 3 damaged units before settling on my 4th.

The first 3 units I received all had cracks in the plastic molding, one dented in on the back near the rear handle and power port. I recommend opening from the bottom and sliding off the box in a way that it would be easy to piece back together to ship back if you find a problem. Amazon was superb, quickly sending 3 in sequence until temporarily pulling the item to inspect inventory, finding no problem, and a week or two later called to send me my 4th. My 4th actually had a loose plastic screw that doesn’t seem to belong to anything. But it works great, so I’m happy with it. Just inspect and exchange within the return period if you have a problem like mine. I am still happy I bought mine.

Product Title: Fellowes Powershred 125Ci 100% Jam Proof 18-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder (3312501)
– Slim, high performance shredder for small offices
– Shreds 18 sheets per pass into 5/32″ x 1-1/2″ cross cut particles
– 100% Jam Proof System eliminates paper jams by preventing overloads and powering through misfeeds
– SilentShred offers ultra-quiet shredder performance for shared workspaces
Model: 125ci, 3312501


justforthetv says:

Wow, all of these cracks are ridiculous. It’s unfortunate that you had so many units with issues. Thanks for sharing your review.

Pople BackyardFarm says:

enjoyed this review nice shredder : )

Edmund says:

This or the 24-sheet AmazonBasics cross-cut shredder?

Delias The Paranormal Boy says:

I got my own shredder. its called a Privacy Guard 5 sheet Cross cut shredder

Cristian Perez says:

Four times to get an undamaged one? What a joke!

Dirk Hoeppner says:

you sir are the most decent and rational reviewer i have ever come across online. whereas most people who write something off completely if they receive a defect you rightly and patiently toughed it out until you got an undamaged model and reviewed it for what it’s supposed to be. ya i’ll be buying one of these thanks to you

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