Fellowes 99Ci Paper Shredder 1 Year Review

This is our 1 year review of our Fellowes 99Ci paper shredder. We’ve had this shredder for a little over a year, and it’s still going strong!


dibaterman says:

many thanks

Bloody Macbeth says:

You have got some teen wolf arms going on.

Chipperowski says:

I have2 fellowes DS-1 that is going on about 8 years old and one is still running quite well. The other, well the gears stripped (last week) because A it wasn’t oiled as much and B  too much paper was fed through it and rather than backing out to prevent a jam the user tried to force it. We have a 79ci which is similar to what you are reviewing and it is amazing (quite and powerful). Kind of hope my other shredder will crap out so I can upgrade haha. Might try to refurb the other one, not sure yet.

Mr. Illuminati says:

That shredder really sounds like it needs to be oiled……

Norma Jimenez says:

Is there a way to open the top or sides to reach the blades? Mine just got stuck with a piece of cardboard and it stopped working! Please help!

Divine Domingo says:


sealsearcher says:

very helpful – thank you 🙂

Tinstar2 says:

Thanks for the video.  I just ordered this unit today.  I have years and years of tax papers, government documents, cancelled checks, bank statements, etc. that I want to shred.  I burnt up two cheap units from Walmart in a matter of days and just gave up.  I got the urge again and started researching and found this unit.  I can’t wait to get it and put it to work!  I think this will do the job with no problem.  The others would work continuously for only a few minutes and over heat…then take forever to work again.  One thing…I read that shredding envelopes with the plastic windows would eventually gum up the works of any shredder.  Looks like you have been doing it regularly for this past year.  Anyway, I’m glad that you waited a year before posting a review.  Good job.

sealsearcher says:

So glad your shredder is still working as I ordered the model after watching your review and dozens of other ones! Thanks for the update. Will keep you posted 😉  

Doris Pearse says:

Not great for a shared office – ours has died after a couple of years and too expensive to repair.

DRitz78 says:

Marketed as a 17 page shredder but could not do about 4 envelopes at one time. Let me see 17 sheets of paper at one time.

pandasharks says:

The cd guard is to protect you from shards splashing back.

B Tango says:

Still going strong?

coondogtheman1234 says:

That thing must draw a lot of power because I can see your lights dimming when it turns on.

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