Cross-cut Paper Shredder Teardown and Repair

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I managed to completely jam my paper shredder during a bout of document disposal last summer.

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John Margetts says:

OMG deputy Dawg .. soooo sllooooowww… language / beer ? Not on felah Clean the act up . We want facts not drivel

Katie Sale says:

If you had a cleaner mouth this video would had been listened to.

Dave R says:

you’re just a filthy talking idiot

Seguricam Colorisimo says:

technical specifications of the electric motor, is it DC or AC?
and how you can connect it directly to a transformer

Ninja Kitteh says:

Hi, I’m having trouble finding out how to repair the little black switch (Fellowes P35-C but likely that sort of stuff works the same way), as I inadvertently opened that (I didn’t realise it was two separate parts without any sort of locking mechanism as I tried to simply remove it from its place and out of my way) and as there’s a little spring in there I don’t think I need to explain to you what happened to me. I can’t however for the life of me find a source explaining to me how those tiny parts fit together – probably because I don’t know what the thing is really called so I don’t know precisely what to google for. Would you happen to know where I can find some explanation, or the correct search phrase? The closest to anything useful “Fellowes p35c disassembly” got me, after a few jumps, was your video…

PS: what crude language? I didn’t hear any swearing, or am I too European for that? 😛

bob breneman says:

Crude language makes it not friendly for kids to learn

tic toc says:

HeyAirborne Surfer, I am the fairer sex. Can you fix my paper shredder? Seriously, of all the techno videos out there, yours is the best. I too have an oldie, a Fellowes, and I am loathe to chuck it, even though it leaks oil, but it has shut down completely, takes no power and of course does not reverse. It was working the last time I used it, I emptied the plastic bag and now it has completely died. All those screws you removed have me flummoxed.

PS: I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. I am sort of a patient person who struggled without the use of a garbage disposal for 4 1/2 months, trying to jiggle particles from a glass bowl that reached the incinerator. Eeeks. It feels great to hear that appliance hum again. Now the above. Thx.

PPSS: Am familiar with Bradford, Ontario. Surprise, surprise. And think I share your Wal-Mart views.

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