AmazonBasics 24-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder Review

Review: 4/5
Good Size, Surprisingly Movable, Middle-Tier Value Shredder.

This shredder gives you more in basic shred capability than smaller, cheaper under the desk shredders. It is surprisingly movable, more than any shredder I own, with (1) rollers (that roll easily on hard surfaces), (2) handles that make it easy enough to carry (not all larger shredders do), and (3) doesn’t weigh too much to carry. Its power cord is nicely oriented downward out the back so it can easily hug the wall. The 7-gallon bin is much larger than under the desk models, easily opens and closes, supports a bag, and has a bag catch to help with holding the bag tightly. Its slot is oriented so that you need to push paper in from the front, not straight down, which is actually a bit more natural to hit it straight on. It has 3 buttons, on/off, force forward or reverse, and automatically runs as paper is inserted. Overall it has a lot to like if compared to smaller, cheaper alternatives.

Drawbacks are: (1) The manual says never to insert envelopes with windows (of which I get plenty of such in junk mail). (2) It feels a bit basic, plastic feel, and not as refined as some (especially compared to significantly more expensive shredders), most notably with the buttons. (3) It still audibly stresses a bit as you pack more in it (like most shredders of its caliber). (4) It doesn’t automatically turn off like some energy efficient models (but it is easy enough to use the big button). (5) It is not 100% jam-proof, so don’t expect miracles, but it has jam prevention features that should help. (6) The bin isn’t as big as you might think looking at the front door because the door extends a bit higher than the bin itself. These are not really flaws in its design, just what to expect at its tier. It is still 1/3 the price of more expensive tiers that may offer more refinement.

I own and love my Fellowes 125Ci at the next tier, but that is in another league and price point. This strikes a balance in the middle. It seems much better than my old Royal Confetti Cut under-the-desk shredder that it will replace in another room. Remember to oil your shredder routinely (once a month or every time you empty the bin). I use Fellowes Shredder Oil (35250) that came with my Fellowes shredder. The AmazonBasics shredder didn’t come with oil or bags out of the box, but it says you can use shredder oil or just vegetable oil.

Product Title: AmazonBasics 24-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder with Pullout Basket
Features: 24 sheet, crosscut, 25 minute continuous runtime, 7 gallon pullout basket, paper / CD / credit card
Item model number: AU2435XA


Gary Stamey says:

No CD or credit card shredding, no 24 sheet shredding,etc? Come on, you need to do another “review”, thank you.


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Harley D. Wells says:

Hi Tiger, Your really is very good. I have another review that I just found on internet. Check it out here..

pat ayala says:

honestly a really poor review of this product

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