A Review Of The Fellowes 79Ci Shredder by Cheap Stationery

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JOJO65 ! says:

Thank you, Thank you.. finally a paper shredder demo that shows what people are looking for…..HOW MANY PIECES OF PAPER CAN THIS THING REALLY SHRED? and how strong is the motor? Excellent demo!

coronaflo says:

This is why you always read the instructions before operating.


Must disagree with dragonxshadow. If I see a professional demonstrate it, I don’t know what it’ll be like for me.  If I see this guy working things out on the fly, I have a much better idea of how it will work for me.

Useful video. Thanks

Tactical KS says:

May I suggest reading the instructions before reviewing.

Shadow says:

what a poor review this guy dont have a clue

mrbluenun says:

If you can advise me on any ‘professional’ sites that have schematic diagrams I would be more than pleased.

Take care

I had a disasters start with shredders, even though I paid a couple of hundred pounds a few years ago now the Aurora shredder lasted a week and I could never get it replaced as the mother company was in the states.

Dennis Sullivan says:

Appreciate your efforts, Stuart…but it would be greatly beneficial if, before you review it, you read the operating manual describing how the 79Ci works with the maximum amount of paper to shred.  Thanks for the effort.

Noctumus says:

Four letters, mate: RTFM!

knightfthree says:

Glad you weren’t reviewing knives! 😉

Andy Heng says:

You need to close the lid before you shred the cd!!

Mark Bonner says:

he’s a dumbass !!!!!

ryan burke says:

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen! Really impressed

Mediahound says:

This guy is a complete hack.

carot2003 says:

Ha ha, funny video. The shredder is idiot proof..

Dana Higginbotham says:

Obviously a master marketer! You made me watch the whole thing just to see if your hoodie draw strings were going to pull you in to the blades. Without that tease, I would have x’ed out of the video the moment you said you hadn’t read the manual and didn’t know why the shredder stopped.

William Morrison says:

Watched to the end to see if you were going to be pulled in . String, ties, scarves, and long hair should be avoided near shredders.

pandasharks says:

Great review. Keep up the good work.

Hector Fernandez says:

ok ok.. but why -mother of good- do you used blank paper!!! recyclee pleasee :'(

curtis shaw says:

Such a waste of paper.

Ravy Khith says:

I like your show make me laugh

John capotosto says:

Why did my burn out after 20 uses. I thought if it can cut plastic.. it can cut cardboard.. but I guess these aren’t the toughest shredders in the world.

The Geezer says:

When making videos, always use a microphone to stop voice reverberation (echo) from your surroundings. Do not rely on the recording device’s built-in microphone, these are usually there for close-up narration spoken right into the device. With microphone usage you will then be heard nice and clearly. Also, it is best to read the supplied instructions to help assist you when dealing with an unfamiliar product.

Cheong Lee says:

I almost never comment on the internet, but this is a good video. Thank you for the review.

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