New Office & Filming Set Up | MsGoldgirl

My new set-up isn’t exactly complete, but I wanted to show you what I’ve done so far and get your suggestions!

Furniture shown:

Alexa 5 Drawers
Container Store Desktop
Ghost chair
Sheepskin Throw
Desk Lamp
Galant Drawers
Galant Filing Cabinet
Isfjorden Mirror
Nordli Drawers
Alexa 9 Drawers

Miscellaneous Other Stuff Mentioned:
Card holder
External Hard Drive *
MacBook Pro
Cambridge Metallic Notebook *
Colleen Rothschild Hand Cream *
Nest Midnight Fleur *
Frendz Headphones *
Sharpie Pens (in Target store only)
Power Strip Outlet *
Diva Ring Light *
Sunbeam Tripod (similar) *
MacBook Air 11″
Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera *
Framebridge *

What I’m Wearing:
Shirt-old from Ann Taylor
BaubleBar Howlite Earrings (similar) *
BaubleBar Queen B Necklace *
Kendra Scott Ring *
Too Faced Semi-Sweet Palette *
Clinique Lip Color-Love Pop *
Nail Polish: Color Club Peace Out Purple
Michele Watch *

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Camera used: Sony DSC-RX100 iii *
Movie editing software: iMovie ’11

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Monica L. says:

Hi Marnie! Yes, watched it in one sitting, coffee in one hand. I enjoyed this video! Currently decluttering and reorganizing so your ideas help! Thanks 🙂

Lorna Kelso says:

You could just throw a piece of fabric over the mirror when you’re filming

Kaitlin G says:

Command strips!!!!!

Chervonne Donald says:

hey Marnie, for the desk I would use 3m double sided strips. I am pretty sure you can get them at walmart. Watched till the end, in one sitting haha.  That drawing by the 9year old is amazing, I couldnt do that now at 27 lol

Christine H. says:

watched the whole thing as I was having my morning coffee before leaving for work!  Nice filming area – looks good!  I would definitely move the mirror to the other room.

gone says:

L brackets would hold the desktop in place for you.. And moving the mirror would give you a bit  more space to work with but overall, love it!

00ooAlmaoo00 says:

maybe using some magnets for the desktop

Chiquita Torres says:

Move the mirror and put a tree in place. And use no-slip shelf liner to stop the skidding

Ashley Young says:

A blogger I follow had the same problem with a craft table she made from ikea and she used velcro. I enjoyed this video immensely and after finding your channel earlier today have watched way to many of your videos Lol! +Marnie Goldberg | MsGoldgirl P.S. Are you still liking Zoya? I am debating which brand to switch over to that is 5 free… Sparitual or Zoya both are affordable natural brands. Let me know if you like one over the other please!

Dunicika says:

I wish I could help you with some suggestions, but I am so terrible with organzing that I will not even try : D you would probably facepalm when you read my suggestions : )))  and yep, I watched the video in one sitting : )

44macymoo says:

How about using command strips that are for hanging pictures on the wall. That way the table top will come off without any damage.

Fashion By Jules says:

I think if you added some sheer curtains it would soften the look and add some texture. Some greenery is always nice real or artificial. Sparkly gold vases or bowls would also look nice and keep with the “Gold Girl” theme.

Julie Sunderlin says:

I failed….two sittings! Love the set up and know you will have fun organizing it.

Terri Champ says:

Maybe a privacy screen to separate your bedroom and office area a little better then you won’t see the bedroom in the mirror when filming

Paintandpurses says:

Great new set up!

A Thousand Words says:

Oh, and I watched the whole video in one sitting! 😉

TheGood ByeGirl says:

+Marnie Goldberg | MsGoldgirl I watched all the way through, I am wondering if you switched out where the desk is with the tall 9 drawer alex and that other set beside it, the mirror I would move to just outside your alcove I think, maybe same side as the desk would be. Can your windows be opened but still closed, in the uk we say put on the snib, which is open to let air in but not open like an open window.

ella ninkovic says:

I have a desk just like yours but my table top is also from IKEA and it doesn’t slide much. Maybe try a strong double sided tape? And I love the Barbie doll! xoxo

Emily Baggieri says:

I watched the video in one sitting….loved it! RE: table top, maybe you could get super sticky sticky tack. Here (Toronto), teachers use a super sticky one as some schools have concrete walls, and nothing sticks on them, except the super duper sticky tack. Maybe try Staples?? Good luck….looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Martha Henry says:

Hi Marnie…Saw the whole video in 1 shot….I see what you’re talking about …fan in the mirror is not distracting…I like your gold theme…scenery pics with flowers and/or candles & maybe add some other color for a pop…more of what you picture yourself being at a cafe in Paris ….Ocean scenery with ocean props…just to name a few…Hope it help somewhat….:))))) Hugs

129diggsdrive says:

A very nice room with lots of possibilities!  That’s a great idea to move the mirror beside the chair in the bedroom.  You could pull out the 9-drawer unit, push the wonky-drawers unit to the right, put the 9-drawer until flush against the left of the wonky drawers, leaving enough room to pull out those shorter drawers without interference.  Just curious:  why do you hate Hobby Lobby?

Rachell Ann says:

Stayed until the end!!! Love the new set up. I can’t wait to see how you organize it all.

Debbie Long beaumont says:

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susuilu says:

i really like these drawers from galant thanks for the video

Sarah Humbug says:

I got to the end and loved every second…do I win something?? :p

Deb InPEI says:

Cambridge has a nice ring top notebook, but for us lefties is such a pleasure to use in any way; for example I used to use them at work doing dictation but now just use it in my personal life on my desk. Love your new set up and the water cup is hilarious.

Patti Culford says:

Hi Marnie,   You could put the tall Alexa make up drawers beside your desk closest the the bed.  Then move your mirror to where the Alexa drawers is now on an angle toward the bed.  Yes I watched your entire video.

Katherine Koenig says:

Love your setup! And yes you were spot on as to why you can only open one drawer at a time. Most of the higher end filing cabinets and office storage systems have that feature so they won’t tip. Also, forgot to mention I made it to the end of the video in one sitting 🙂

Busbee Style says:

I love the new set-up!! So professional looking and sparkly white!! GREAT job, Michael and Marnie!! Erin xo

Gate Called Beautiful says:

The mirror is a nice touch but the base is too big. Maybe exchange it for a different style & use a pretty non-reflective material throw to cover it when you’re filming. Your archway is very wide & doesn’t offer very much separation from your bedroom to your work-space. Look at architectural options such as a half columns or plant pedestals topped with greenery on either side of the archway to fill in some of that space & create the illusion of another separate room. I don’t think curtains are an option because they would take away from that lovely arch & box up the flow of space. Is it possible to put awnings on the outside of the house over those windows? It would block some sun & save on electricity to cool that room! Hang plants on rods over the tops of the windows to bring the outside in. You definitely need a ceiling fan in there. They sell thin rubbery material to keep throw rugs from slipping; use that to keep desk top in place. Hope you can get some suggestions that will work for you, good luck! ~Susanne xoxo

Tammie Padgett says:

Love room especially Bosly you can get liquid nails for that desk top it will hold anything n to cover remote thing get decorative tissue box instead of tissue just sit over it. I know you don’t want to loose light from Windows if you wanted to soften look of room could get swag set,balance or scarf hang right below ceiling molding let come to top of window molding you will not change lighting it also 
makes rooms look larger not that needs to. Love all your photos n pic of rookie you can never go wrong with them if you needed something to hold smaller items get decorative boxes come in all shapes,colors,theme very inexpensive would look good on that back table will send u pic on Facebook.I always tell clients rooms should reflect you n your life style an u have done that so don’t ever say your not good at it.Sorry mine is so long n yes looked at video all the way.

Ms. Cendolife says:

Hi Marnie…Great video 🙂 Btw I also have the Alex IKEA drawer. For each ALEX you must get 4 transparent gum, which you should stick 4 of them on the top of the corner of the drawer plate (like between drawer and the board) 🙂 So the board doesn’T move like that 🙂

Bella Luna says:

I love your bay window, great set up.  I watched this until the end!

eveshelman says:

I’m not sure if it’s already been suggested but I think the command picture hangers would be perfect to hol your table top in place. Love your videos!!

irishbutterfly369 says:

i watched this video the whole way through & it didn’t feel too long to me. my fiancé & i finally went to ikea for the 1st time last summer & bought a bunch of stuff & we love everything we got!!! i put 2 sets of the alex drawers (the set of 6 wider drawers) 1 on top of the other & used velcro so they don’t wiggle when i open any of the drawers.

Andrea Lewis says:

Watched the entire video through. Started commenting about halfway through though.I think I would find a really cute or pretty fabric/curtains that go with both rooms and swoop them on either side of the archway. It will soften it a little and give a little bit of division between the bedroom and your office, as well as maybe hide the reflection of the fan in the mirror depending on how much fabric you are able to swoop. I would probably use curtain holders/tiebacks and then take one side down when you film to uncover the reflection. If it t isn’t quite enough, you may can just change the angle of the mirror a little bit. Once you get things how you think you will like them, I am sure it will still be an evolving system as you live with it and see how everything works. You might also look into the command line for clear shelves to maybe hang on the awkward angles in between the windows. You can always cover them with some curtains if you don’t like the look, while possibly still utilizing the space. The cord for your lamp, I would get some of those cord holders (the little hooks for Christmas lights) and hook it to the back of your desk at the base of the lamp so you know exactly where it is. Just some ideas. Hopefully it helps and sparks some creative juices for you.

Lori kilian says:

Yes of cause  one sitting .. I do enjoy watching u. more ootd and grwm  please.

Lori from NJ

bajwac1 says:

Just some suggestions : Toss the bedding and get a crisp neutral. Put some drapes up and dress up the windows. You could put a patterned rug in there as well. Fresh flowers add a nice touch.

CC Cook says:

It actually took me 2 times to watch, but I opened it knowing that. Lol!

lindalu19 says:

Hey, First up, buy a package of rubber mesh that is used for rug non-slip underlay. Cut pieces the size of your cabinets and put them on top of cabinet/under desk top. Problem solved! Second, I love!!!!! stationary anything/everything! Lastly, great area, well done. xo

A Thousand Words says:

Loved seeing your setup! Thanks for showing us.
To fix the desk top I’d try either dabs of hot glue (ha ha, I use hot glue for everything!), or else just non-skid shelf liners.

Nadine adam says:

Hi Marnie, I watched it all in one sitting, trying to catch up on your video’s. I really could watch you for hours…Kinda creepy, right!! Lol!! I love the area as it is….You did a great job…I would, however think about putting in a ceiling fan, It definitely helps to circulate the air and cool it off a bit!!!

Angelina Riegner says:

Watched in one sitting, as always! Thanks Marnie x

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