My Desk Set Up

Out with the old and in with the new. Using a temporary old desk since I just moved to the states. Finally got a chance to get my new desk.

Desk top/Countertop – KARLBY Countertop, oak –
Draws – ALEX Drawer unit, gray –
Cable Management – SIGNUM, horizontal, silver color –

Some people have said the links aren’t working, I have double checked them. They are working for me, so maybe its the ikea site and the area/country you are in? I have included the product names exactly as the site for you. Hope this helps, any questions, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

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fletta says:

lol u suck

Ethan Ton says:

rip temporary desk

press F to pay respects

Eduard Fyodorov says:

One word: preassembled.

bumperz says:

Just my opinion but everyone has been doing this exact same Ikea desk set up…bad music. boring video.

speedy cat says:

Cool video! I’m watching it so I can get some inspiration to how I decorate my new desk! Also love the music!:-)

unique tech Tips says:

What is top size?

Ilias K. Kasmeridis says:

Did you have any problems with water stains, as it is “unfinished”?

Nero says:

Nice video dude

jdj9 says:

Puts the laptop on a desk. “Setup”. Lol.

Michael L says:

Is that a countertop?

Shadowfox1198 says:

Do you find that the center is susceptible to bowing out if you lean on it? I’m thinking about doing this kind of setup

Njords says:

yo if you ever read this, may i ask if you screwed the drawers and the desk together or did you just put the table top on and left it like that?

nickk sharma says:

What the size of desk

Robert Mielke says:

I used to build my computer desks in similar fashion. I would buy 2 filing cabinets with different drawer configurations and slap a hollow core door on top of them. Not only was it modular but setup and tore down in a few minutes. Moving the lightweight hollow core door top away from the wall a bit allowed for easy access to wiring.

Ismail Ouchen says:

Simple et efficace !

Eugene D says:

Great idea! Thanks for posting the links!

DaSh wyns says:

A huge desk with a Mac book

roborat says:

finally a guy that uses proper wood for the desk! thanks. will be using Karlby as well instead of those cheap hollow office desks from IKEA.

Wolfierawr says:

Fucking shit music annoying af


anyone know how much weight this setup can hold, I wanna put a full tower pc, two monitors on it. Can it hold that?

Chayce Taylor says:

the desk… theres a hole in my wallet

Barry Huddleston says:

I should build one of these and video all of my mistakes as a lesson of how not to do it.

P5u5pUh9 says:

Setup looks cheap and cringeworthy. Get some mahogany.

phil bihie says:

hey dan #love the setup what the lamp? lumiy lightblade? love ittttt

Pinck33 ! says:

What kind of camera do you use?

John 2k7 says:

Hi would the desk be safe on top of the draws would u bolt down the top ?? Great desk

damspt says:

How do you hold the top? You don’t have any screws, glue or whatever. Does it move?

momo tube says:

Does the table wable or is it staple?

john tran says:

Are these counter top is supposed for the kitchen top right?

Nick Gallegos says:

Dan, is that a 74 inch desk?

Regs says:

Is this the 183cm worktop or the 243cm one?

Mr Pham says:

hey bro. this is nice looking. what size is your table top? thank you

Italia says:

Triggered that you didnt line it up to the middle of the windows

Airaj Mohammed says:

Good Minimal Design….

2a says:

What is the size of the table top? ? X ?

JRS1000R says:

Hi, i cannot see on the video how the drawer is attached to the table top. Can you explain please?

chillerinstinct1 says:

I would fix the plate on the two drawers, just in case somebody trips and hits the setup and everything falls to the ground

alfian rizki says:

Tell me how the diameter of table pls?

Joshua Solorio says:

is the countertop hollow?

McHarambeface says:

this is fucking trash:D

Jose Valdez says:

*loud Australian accent* what’s with the music mate!!??

Bubblezz says:

They don’t slide off why is that?

TheLionheartist says:

Amazing desk: Uses a Mac. 🙁

Henrico Groenewald says:

great setup but the extended mousepad was overkill.

Dot8 says:

Hi im here 2 years later did the table sag ? i see no support other than the 2 alex drawers so did the table sag ? and how long is it

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