Man Turns A Filing Cabinet Into A BBQ Grill


Dennis Serrano says:

Thats that GD meat mayne!

teddybruscie says:

My only problem is he ain’t got them BBQ Sandles on. lol You know you gotta have them BBQ Sandles when you’re cooking. Let people know you the real deal. lol

Zombi3 sucks at video games says:

People complaining about the paint…..all you got to do is light a fire in every drawl then rise 24 hour later then do it one more time then boom all the paint gone

Christian Daly says:

There are no words. Sitting in my office surrounded by filing cabinets and I am getting a little choked up. So many opportunities to smoke

Perez Fecto says:

Public hero.

Blaine Bieneman says:

can someone tell me wtf he says at 0:18

waffler69 says:

The idea is brilliant. The painted metal on the walls does kind of freak me out. I don’t know enough about the metal it is made of to comment on it. But I do see that all the meat is siting on metal cooking grates so there was some effort put into building this. I think if you had the time to add those grates in you probably had time to question the metal so if you think it’s good then by all means keep smoking that drought 2 drama.

JMB129 says:

I’ll bring the beer. Be there at 6:30.

Spacedick CoochtoCooch says:

I hope the cancer from the paint is pleasant, don’t forget they use zinc in the galvanization process. Some tasty death meat you got there.

S A N T I A G O says:


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