Knife Storage – Bisley Cabinets

5 Drawer Bisley Storage Cabinets –


pelahale says:

I have some of these cabinets – they’re awesome British office equipment. I use the smaller ones for EDC bits & pieces (one of them), and a fountain pen center for another. I have the taller ones (?24″ high) that I’ve set up as a knife sharpening center initially. They’re a bargain as they’re on sale now for like $150 at Container Store – don’t walk, RUN to buy them.

Knives and Vapes says:

Nice Shaun! I have a small one of those cabinets and use it for some of my blades & paracord stuff. Thanks bro!

Domexpo says:

1:53 he’s talking about the drawer depth and I’m thinking “holy paracord”

bankmind80 says:

I dig those man! I’m gonna look into those.

DesertKnifeGuru says:

Very Cool Storage !! I am going to look into those !! Thanks for Sharing !! DKG

Knives and Vapes says:

@bikingshaun Yes and I think they’re better than the Spyderpacks cause you can keep other stuff in them too. Only thing is making room for them. Another alternative if all you have to store is knives is those alum briefcases lined with grey foam. Or even cigar boxes lined with foam. I have some of those too.


And my parents think i have alot of knoves!

MrRRSP says:


wenkrush says:

Good idea for storage. Where do you keep the boxes, if you keep them.

asilaydying1984 says:

pretty sweet setup!

Patrick Vogler says:

I don’t understand why you use the dividers for your large knives when they don’t fit in them xD but sick storage. you have a lot of cool stuff. you must have a lot of 550 cord too to make all the bracelets o.O

AlaskanUndead says:

Your fixed blade design looks just like a microtech selectfire.

MaurizioGarzia says:

i could probably bring that drawing to life

Chris1992usa says:

Good option for organization and storage. Thanks for sharing your solution!

Steve Greer says:

Can you do me a huge favor and measure the depth of the drawers? I have a deep wall safe and this might work perfect for my pistol collection. I’m just concerned that some full size forearms may be too thick and may interfere with the drawers closing. Thanks in advance for your help.

Niamh-Learns says:

Do the drawers easily come out? I ask because I am thinking of using this for artist coloured pencil storage and I’d like to be able to pull a whole drawer out easily to set it on the workspace while arting. How easily do these drawers come in and out? Thanks!

X4CTO says:

Well thank you my brother, I appreciate that.
I am looking into making it sicker soon… HAHA… I’m thinking of getting a Breitling Airwolf Raven very soon! An early birthday gift to myself perhaps. =)

I think I will go look at containerstore and see what I can see.

Thanks again!

zujostix says:

Thanks for this vid. You’re a lifesaver

MAGKnives says:

That is a really cool idea Shaun.
Thanks for the vid 🙂

chuckv5150 says:

I’ll take drawer #2 from the first unit. That’s the money drawer!!

X4CTO says:

Very nice my friend… I like this method of storage as well.
I have to have an automatic watch winding setup for my various autos like my Omega, Seikos and what have you… but this would be nice for my G Shock collection I think, provided it’s deep enough for some of them.
Seems to be a good storage space to footprint ratio going on here… I might have to go check one of these out for my pens and such as well.
Thank you for sharing brother.

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