How to Organize Your Files with Freedom Filer Filing System

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I’ve tried a LOT of filing systems to contain my papers and documents and this system is the BEST. I’ve been using it for over three years and never plan to change it. The maintenance is super easy, the setup is simple and the colors make it extremely fast to find the document you are looking for. Because of this system, I don’t dread the filing process 🙂 PLUS, its more fun instead of plain manilla folders!

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Sithean says:

Thanks for the great info. Re: the many questions regarding which tab size system to use, it’s up to you. A 1/3 size hanging files will have 3 tabs across the top, meaning you’ll have folders with tabs on either the left, right or center. The 1/5 size hanging files will have folders with 5 tabs across the top: left, center, right, between left and center, and between right and center.

Mouserjan0222 says:

I can tell you another way to save tons of time, by not filing my Comcast cable bill in the first place. Why would anyone save those?

Lanea Martinez says:

Why did you choose to file your bills/statements by titles (credit cards, bank statements, utilities) instead of the monthly. Trying to figure out which would work best for me. I see on the green labels there is a note that states “Before using labels below, first consider filing receipts and bills by month.”

Shawn Wilson says:

hi alejandra would you have to print out the lables on the freedom filer system? You lables are great – but did you have to print them on the lables?

Sarah Quinn says:

What even is your job

Jeff C says:

I notice that there’s two types, 1/3 and 1/5.  The 1/3 one has you putting the papers directly into the hanging files whereas the 1/5 let’s you manilla folders inside.  It looks like you use the 1/5.  Which one do you recommend?   Thanks!

angelweengz1 says:

green is money 🙂

Alexa MTZ says:

Hi Alejandra I am so lucky I found your Channel. I work as a lead role in a very small space in a doctor’s office. I was wondering if you could give me tips in keeping organized in small spaces. Also I work with a few doctors and when they do procedures they each have a list of specific things they need. How can I put that together that can be super accessible and easy

Patricia Gardner says:

FYI – only use the “like” word in a sentence.  Sorry for being the grammar police.  Love your video!  Great job.

Cindy Harris says:

no goody

Olivia Paisley says:

thanks 🙂 big help on a presentation assignment

Jeannette M Urena Rodriguez says:

HomeOrganizing by Needs to answer these Questions.

Monica Lopez says:

So damn boring

Michelle Donnatien says:

Hello Alejandra! I’m interested in buying the freedom filer system but since you uploaded this video in 2012, are you still using it now 4 years later? I don’t want to invest in something that may not work. If you’re still using it and you didn’t outgrow it, I think it’s a winner! Thank you for this video!

WaltHawtin says:

I’m sure this is great advice, but on the 12th ‘like’ in 3 minutes? … sorry. Ungrateful, I know.

Keith Greenshields says:


McKenzie Barnes says:

wow! That huge

Anumi Beauti says:

Is there a list of the sub categories for each color? Like orange is temp files i need examples

Carmen H says:

Don’t know how I feel about keeping such important documents all in one place so accessible…

Scott and Christine Walton says:

Great information given about the Freedom Filer system including that it comes with the labels and filing directions but not the folders themselves. Also love seeing how it’s managed in a ‘one drawer/cart’ system instead of a huge file cabinet! Thank you!

Heather Todd says:

Alejandra..which filing system do you prefer…this one or the one in your other post?

Style says:

What’s the difference between the 1/3 and the 1/5th filing system?

Gloria Avila says:

alejendro where do I get the freedom filer and what is the price?

Jay Schwartz says:

In addition to having a paper-file system, I scan all my paper documents with a Fujitsu iX500 scanner and file them in various subject categories/folders on my desktop PC. That leaves only essential paper documents in files, which physically cuts down the size of paper file folders. For example, I keep current copies of tax returns, while my scanned past tax returns go all the way back to the 1980s.

Teena Dew says:

@Alejandra what is the cabinet thing you are using? I would like to get that

Lynch Heating & Plumbing says:

Where did you get your filing cart???

Evan Caulfield says:

Great video!  We have the “FileSolutions Filing Made Easy The Home Filing System” and seems to work OK, although we are not fully utilizing it.  Is this Freedom Filer Filing System much better than what we have?  Are the instructions clear enough as to what category we need to file things in effective?

Amberlynn Somoza says:

How many hanging file folders do you need to have?

sp9f .g says:

What labeling machine do you use?

Kathea Sy says:


N Hassan says:

I have been a fan of yours for a while now….but I have been binge watching you for two days now. I wanted to know if you are currently using this system or if you have evolve into another system. Also can you provide a link to some good affordable hanging file folders. My olive green ones are falling apart.

O1dtR33z1322 says:

how much does it cost?


so I can use this in my classroom for student data or my data??

John Aby says:

You really do not need an elaborate filing system anymore – you can store everything on a pen drive and a small closed folder to hold some key documents which still need to be in paper in this digital world like passport, government cards, house title and car titles..

Victoria B says:

I ordered this kit and I did not receive anything about how to file. I received a booklet that describes the use of the colors, but not how to file. Where do I get what you showed in the video?

takkamil says:

you make the best facial expression. 😉

Trish Schmidt says:

Ms. Alejandra did you buy the 1/5 Size or the 1/3 Size Freedom filer?

Kathea Sy says:

Thanks for the information :-)!!!!

dba3304 says:

Once yo find the website there are multiple choices. Which one are you using?  Thanks,

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