How to Organize Office Files (Part 1 of 9 Home Office Organization Series)

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In this video I show you how I organize my office files in the filing cabinet, books, and binders in my home office! This is part 1 of a 9-part home office organization series. Parts 2 through 9 are coming soon!

Part 1 – This is Part 1!

Part 2 – How to Organize Your Desk:

Part 3 – How to Organize Your Desk Drawers:

Part 4 – How to Organize Your Mail:

Part 5 – How to Organize Your Office Closet:

Part 6 – How to Hide Wires & Cables:

Part 7 – How to Store Gift Wrap:

Part 8 – How to Organize Small Things:

Part 9 – How to Organize Batteries:

Thanks for watching and happy organizing 🙂

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LM Djnchen says:

A closeup on those tabs and titles  would have been nice.

Hassan Darwiche says:

Get a wifi printer

Leigh Howard says:

Hello, If you would could you answer me this please. Where did you get the awesome desk that you have all them books and files in.. I would like to have one like that for my office.. I am getting an office ready for a home bakery.

Ana Tomas says:

i love learning with you a lot of .Kisses from Spain

wendy newton says:

Thank you soooooooooooooo much Mrs. Alejandra your videos have helped soooooo much.

ThisisKaila says:

Love that you color coded the tabs to temp , perm, taxes! So good!

Ratag Stars says:


Marco Montano says:

she gives me ASMR. kinda like a quick soft chit-chat voice.

jay yee says:


Karen Stevens says:

Hi Alejandra…Do you use the third cut or fifth cut Freedom Filer? Also, what do you do with large catalogs, etc., that come with home appliances and items like that?

Jennifer Douglas says:

What do you file vs what do you have in binders?

Priscilla Ramos says:

You have helped me so much to organize my office. Thank you !!:)

Janette Muñiz says:

Where did you buy your file cabinet at?

Charlotte Weisserman says:

is it weird that I have that same shirt?

Bobby Mathis says:

huge help

33booyaka33 says:

Very hot and organized MILF!

Stacy O'Rourke says:

What do you put in the binders that are accessible regularly and are the colors the same categories as the drawer labels?

naturallyNOLA says:

Love your channel! Thanks for all of the tips. Angel Richardson the life coach sent me here.

Monifa Agha says:

I have three kids and now the monthly school stuff/medical/insurance/notification/social services etc is getting out of hand…should i organise them by person/month or /subject

Sonja Angus says:

You are brilliant! You get to the point quickly & describe everything efficiently! Not like those people who woffle on with all their personal crap & take so long to make a point if they even get there! Love your video!

Bex Mac says:

This is amazing! I love how you created a streamlined appearance with the white hanging folders. Question: You mentioned that you periodically purge your folders… Do you store all of your archived documents in your permenent section or do you have a seperate area for these items? Eg: 5-year old tax records. Thank you!

Immy 105 says:

It’s been more than a few years now and I love your videos before and after and all your tips and tricks great work keep it up lots of love immy❤️

Laura Gutierrez says:

I just love this…files look amazing. Where in the world did you find white hanging files. I’ve never seen those. And, yes! I actually have my hanging files color coded, but I also feel like it keeps the tabs from popping, and I really have to concentrate to find the file I’m looking for. Plus, I do use the folders within the files, to further categorize, and this is also distracting from the tabs. Gotta try this. Are those file cabinets from PB? Wish I could afford those. Beautiful.

borerev says:

part 1 of 9? wat!

Aayesha Qureshi says:

i seriously love your videos i am going to folow every tips u say 🙂

Deidra Roberts says:

I am a filer junkie! I LOVED every tip you gave! Now I need to do it! I did sign up for your Newsletters also. Just waiting my an email!

Fawn Baty says:

Thank you! You really help with me trying to get organized.

Ali Raza says:


em35489 says:

what do you put in the Christmas binder?

Steph degroot says:

Love your shirt

Jonathan L says:

Marie Kondo would differ

em35489 says:

I think that you should put a small table next to the cabinet w/ the printer so when you plug in the cord, you don’t have to hold on to the computer

AniCris M.Morán says:

be honest! how many time take complete this ?

CP Tai says:

Monica, is that you?

Lyna Love says:

how do u organize small papers?

Melo C says:

Alejandra, Your guidance is great! Could you please show videos of how we could “go paperless”, by scanning documents and get rid of these ugly metal cabinets and file folders? I know that you could connect with the best experts, use the latest technology and show us the optimal way to have all of our records in a home backup system! It could be our New Year’s Resolution for 2017!

Stephanie Teciano says:

Hi there, is there a video on what kind of thing you should keep forever or not??

NewYork81983 says:

Sure, give the guy the poop colored folders 😛

Larry McCormick says:

I enjoyed watching your file organizing methods. I learned a few things that can really help me. I also subscribed. I’m sure you can teach me more. I appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to make this video.

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