HOW TO: Office Desk Makeover

Mark Montano is making a desk from two filing cabinets and a little Americana Decor Satin Enamels!

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Mark Montano grabbed some trusty Americana Decor Satin Enamels to makeover these file cabinets and create a DIY Desk with vintage brass details!

Satin Enamels:

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Genelle Voss says:

This is such an amazing has become a truly look like very high end expensive furniture! The Americana/Decor-Art products in your very capable hands are such a great combo! Love your ideas and how you show us how to use these fabulous products!!

Deborah Kasting says:

Mark, you have done it again. You never cease to amazing me. Two filing cabinets and a piece of wood plus Deco Art paint, and you have created a beautiful piece of furniture. Absolutely amazing.

cjBlue Creates says:

Beautiful and Creative ……I love this!!!!

Kim Davenport says:

Brilliant. I love his you took two plain filing cabinets and give them such a great facelift with paints and deco podge. So functional and good looking.

TheCosmicowgirl says:

Such a rich look for a mans home office. Americana paint can make anything possible ! Thank you for the inspiration and know-how, Mark!

LA Smith says:

What an amazing transformation. Sharp and elegant project, Mark!

vickie williams says:

Really nice!!!!  Wow Mark,,, you did a great job on this one,, as usual,, but this is stunning!!! Love it!!!!  The sides are too cute…   Knock out!!

Vanessa AngelRose Creating and Sharing says:

I like this idea. I had done that with filing cabinets til I got my desk.

Artem Brovchenko says:

Check woodprix handbook if you want to make it cheaper and better.

Brandy Carmody says:

very nice. love the black and gold for color choices!

Rebecca’s Bubble says:

Very nice classic look with a twist. I adore the city buildings. Expensive feel but very easy to do.

Tammy Phifer says:

PERFECT TIMING!!! I needed a desk badly and realized I have 2 filing cabinets….they are in pretty bad shape but with your tutorials and decoart products…they wont be anymore!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration

Lisa Izumi says:

Mark Montano!! You’re a genius!! Love how you think out of the box. I would have never thought to put 2 filing cabinets together to make a desk…A shelf maybe… this is fantastic! Love the way DecoArt Satin paints go on so smoothly. Especially love the trim you added. Really thought you would decoupage the print outs onto the top of the desk; however putting them on the side gave it that special Mark Montano super-classy-professional-edge!!

Lynn T says:

What a great looking desk! The paints look awesome/easy to use!

Katie smith says:

This is such a great use for 2 filing cabinets- LOVE. Also, I love the gold accents and the clipart.

deezie says:

This Makeover really is simply gorgeous*** the colors make it look like such an expensive desk. Would be perfect in any office. I just love it. One of the best makeovers I have seen

Amy Harper says:

I absolutely love this. It’s very posh. <3

Joanne Boyer says:

This is such a rich look for a desk!!  Gorgeous!!!!

Catrina Bush says:

Such a great and professional looking job!! I would have never guessed where you started looking at the end result.

Sylvia Martinez says:

I love this so much!!

Joanne S says:

Mark this is is simply BRILLIANT….love DecoArt products!

Naomi Schneider says:

Super classy desk! I love the city image!

Peggy Johnson says:


Shawn Miles says:

this is brilliant and so easy. I love the look it’s beautiful.

Leslie Jones says:


craftygirl purple62 says:

this finish has a very professional looking like just came a office furniture store thank you for sharing have a bless day

Gisele Grenier says:


Jen Evers says:

Amazing make over!! Love it! xoxo Jen

Melody Bennett-Gelroth says:

Hello Guys and Dolls.

I think that having Filing Cabinets becoming a part of a new desk is a fabulous idea.

I like the idea of having a place to put my laptop and other work items while having an accessible place to file what I need to.

The color black is used and makes the desk not only eye-catching but also adds elegance to wherever you decide to place it.

Thank you Mark and DecoArt for introducing another wonderful project using the Americana line.

I will never look at Filing Cabinet the same way again.

Diane Kasperski says:

Beautiful makeover. How many jars of the Deco Art did it take to do this desk? I’m trying to estimate how much I need for 2 chests. Did you do the chair too?

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