Home Office: Filing Organization

I’m very excited to be kicking off my home office organization series with a look at my filing organization! Check out my blog (link below) for a coordinating post showcasing my favorite filing organization tools. I’d love to know how you keep your filing organized if you care to share. Stay tuned for my desk organization, coming up next on OLJ! Thanks for watching 🙂

Home Office Filing Organization Blog Post – http://www.organizedjen.com/home-office-filing-organization

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Jennifer T says:

I now want to go organize and clean my files! I have a bunch of papers in a pile that need to be filed & I need to update my folders with current needs instead of ones I don’t use anymore. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

kim3lise says:

Jen please do a writing instruments faves?

Malinda Mocha says:

I love that sweater.

Angela K says:

I would love to know how you handle daily mail as it comes in your house. Not your YouTube fan mail, but regular household mail and bills. Thank you for all your videos and great ideas to make our lives easier and more organized. Thanks! 🙂

Rocksugar10 says:

you make everything so unnecessarily complicated

Blessed2BeeAlive says:

I like your wrapping paper in the background, how you have it organized. I suppose you have something on Scrap book organization as well. This is the 1st video of yours I cam across @ this moment. I look forward to seeing more of your video’s. Thx. 🙂

sgblucas says:

i know it works for you, but seems unnecessarily complicated. Most of my incoming bills are ebilled and if there are any that need to be kept i just create a a folder for them although i dont really see theeed

B.Alexandria says:

Jen- thank you so much for this video. I am currently reorganizing my home and I have lots of paper and files and this has been so very helpful to me. Please, keep doing what you are doing…I appreciate every minute you devoted to it! Please, could you show us all how you organize all your warranty booklets and product guides? I used to keep them in a 3 ring binder in plastic protectors but its not working very well-would love your view!

busymomma says:

Too much talking. 

SafePet Haven says:

Try the free version of Evernote; it’s a little overwhelming at first as it has so many features & so much potential; but just take one project or application at a time & build from there. Example, if you have little clippings for recipes start w/bldg. a notebook for recipes; learn to use tags for very powerful searches. There isn’t much Evernote can’t do & it syncs w/all other digital electronics too. As for general paper filing I do that isn’t scanned/OCR l use a system based on FreedomFiler.

xKirstenKismetx says:

Where did you get the container store catalog? I can’t find how to get one online.

Aliandmelissa Najafi says:

Who are a few of your favorite artists? Favorite paintings?

I’m drawn to Monet, Rockwell, and Greg Olson. Love Olson’s artwork!

patience olohi edwin says:

thanks a great deal! have learned

patience olohi edwin says:

thanks a great deal!

Irish Lucero says:

Loved this Jen. I do have a request: I know the future is all about a digital system. Going paperless terrifies me. Lol what kind of tips do u have for organizing documents digitally. Thanks in advance.

LoveHorsesandCats54 says:

Where did you get the different colored files? I would love to have a file system to look that pretty. It makes me want to open the drawer and hopefully not dread filing.=)

Rhoda .Muganda says:

you talk too much in all of your videos

lisa david says:

hush to mouth..stop talking

prettypaperz says:

I do all of my files by year and in alphabetical order. I do the same as Jen the current year and past year in the top drawer and the past previous two years in the bottom drawer. I them transfer them to cardboard banker boxes and stack them by year in a spare bedroom.

canash100 says:

Hi Jen! Please, please can you do the video on how you organize all other receips and your system for bill paying. Could you also please show how you organize your manuals on the first floor. Thank you!

NoodMood says:

I like the “investments receipts” idea. Another great video, thanks Jen.

Julie Boeck says:

Very helpful!!!

Brittany Petersen says:

So many unnecessary comments about her talking. Seriously, if you have watched any of her previous videos you know she is very personable and chatty. She likes to talk and be thorough. If you don’t like it, why are you watching? Just turn off the video and go about your day. Really simple.

Olivia Lawson says:

I love to organzie

kim3lise says:

Please do a video on your label maker

LoveHorsesandCats54 says:

I thought that I liked my filing system until I saw this video. Now I want it to look pretty like yours!!

jenny07la says:

I do the same here! I save my important documents in my gmail or Google Drive accounts, they are all labeled! I download electronic statements, or scan them. I love that I have all of that searchable info at my fingertips!

Ilene McInnes says:

That is just great!

Darlene Bruehl says:

I only had a few minute before starting dinner, had to shut off after 4 minutes of “intro”

SafePet Haven says:

For many folks who have a homebased office there are expenses that can be claimed as overhead even if the expenses are shared between the home and the dedicated office square footage. The CPA can advise what ratios are allowed. Cable tv is probably not deductible but a computer ISP, phones & other utilities are deductible items. Some folks keep the data forever, if not the actual paper statements just as a historical snapshot of expenses as they change over time & help w/budgeting in the future.

vanhchai sikhounmeaung says:

way too much talking

Steven C Highley says:

Ooooooooh my god!

Could the rambling valley girl talk be more annoying?

Adam Simpson says:

Great video Jen. I like to organise my files just using a simple A-Z system, I don’t bother to separate into groups like home and work. For example if I want to find my car insurance, I know it’s under I for insurance, then after that it will be car (e.g. Insurance – car). I also only use the file tabs to identify where the letters A to Z are, otherwise I just label directly onto the folder. I find it much quicker and easier to navigate. Thanks Jen 🙂

jamie stout says:

thank you for some tips but way to much talking

Arcos Storage says:

Thanks for the great advice! Being meticulous goes a long way 🙂 

Avicenna Hafizh says:

i like the background

Tammy R says:

Hi Jen, I’m Tammy … I have a small section were I organize my folders just like you, but smaller and without labeling. But I have big folders where I place all my receipts, I label them with month and year and keep them during a year. The other personal information I don’t have it well organized but watching your video gave me an excellent idea of labeling my folders so it can be more organized. Thanks for sharing. I’m always watching you 🙂

maryjoyw1 says:

Sorry – swiffers, not sniffers! Typo or auto- correct! Haha

EmileeArsenic says:

Good hair shears can be costly and need sharpening and such. They are an investment. Poor quality shears can cause and exasperate splits and damage. Mine cost around $2k. I keep my sharpening receipts and warranty info on hand as well. “Investment” doesn’t only mean something that will grow in value over time, it can also mean that you’ve committed a substancial amount to it and want to protect it. A car is also an investment, and that generally depreciates practically every time you touch it.

Emma Lee says:

its an investment because the projected cost of a nice pair of scissors is lower than buying multiple cheap scissors over the years

Melissa2087 says:

I need you to come to my house… I have so many envelopes with statements, etc half of them are either labeled wrong or nothing are in them! I seriously have such a bad system.

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