Binder Organization – Best Binders & Dividers to Use for Home Office or School Papers

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If you know me well, you know I am picky when it comes to selecting organizing supplies. In this video, I show you the best binders and dividers to use when it comes to organizing papers in the home office or for school. What are your favorite organizing tips when it comes to binder organization? What are your favorite dividers inside your binder? Leave a comment or create a video response and let me see!

FTC: All products were purchased by me! Links to products above are affiliate links! All opinions are mine!


Kaylie Culp says:

I love using the hybrid note binder by five star

adultblues says:

love the colors and how neat everything is


i just can’t get to that level – i’d rather give away all the stuff than organize them

Joanie says:

I love these binders!! Thanks for the tip!

Gorojovsky Cocinas Exclusivas says:

Alejandra, Hi! Love your videos! Could you share where you got your images for labeling? Would love to organize a few house items and your print-out images seem what I need, but I can’t find where to get them so I can print them out.

Majestic_Mermaid919 says:

her program starts at $200!

Spotlight Studio says:

She Is awesomely awesome love her

Cassie Davidson says:

I personally have a problem with these binders. The rings on my binder aren’t connecting all the way, and the metal part is falling off the actual binder. This is all after one school year and I don’t do anything harsh to them. What did I do wrong?!

T.Y. Singz says:

Somewhat disappointing. After an amazing sell on these binders In a 6:00 minute video, apparently it was determined that there was no need to give the exact, precise type of binder this is by name. “My favorite”, “So Pretty” or even “Consistent” is not helpful in trying to nail down the type of binder. Like any other product, they are distinguished by name. Would have loved to buy it but can’t find it online.

Danny Blue says:

Do these binders come full of women?

Victoria Schinkel says:

Five star is my favourite type of binder because they are good quality

sp9f .g says:

Hi Alejandra, thank you for all your great videos! What label-maker do you use?

petmom ful says:

You truly have the organizational gift!! I get so many great ideas from you, and I love to organize!

curlycurly004u says:

thank you very helpful.

MV says:

hi we are moving out of country and need to preserve some documents. i like binders but it just takes time to punch holes in them. any ideas? thanks

Becky says:

You are the best. I have been able to organize almost my entire apartment from your videos. Simple things like how you use your narrow cabinet in your kitchen, to how to tackle paper clutter helps sooo much. Thank you!

Adam Alvarez REALTOR says:

Can I give you a few kids, Your amazing!

Arveen Samra says:

can you buy me one because my parent cant

Gobble DGuk says:

Where would one buy the cubbies that the paper is stored in?

Anika Portelli says:

when she said she dont have kids i was gonna cry

Tusita Dewi says:

where you buy that binder ?

Majestic_Mermaid919 says:

way too expensive

Arveen Samra says:

you are really rich

Commentor15 says:

Wow why do u buy school supplies and stuff do u use all the stuff that you buy

Mouserjan0222 says:

I LOVE those dividers too. I did 2 international adoptions using binders with those dividers.

Donna Games says:

My favourite binders and dividers are the same ones you use!!

Tusita Dewi says:


Ashish Zachariah says:

I feel really sad for clicking on this video

Hayley Grimes says:

I wonder how she makes money if her job she does for free!

Ann Barton says:

Oh my gosh you are my new organizational guru!

B-Girl 101 says:

Where did you get all your coloured paper from??????????

lovelylindsay1 says:

New subscriber- wow you are amazing! So creative and it all comes easy to you!

Tamra Jackson says:

My favorite binder so far is one at Walmart and it has double pockets on the inside on both sides

CoullZ says:

You are rich people problems…

T.Y. Singz says:

Just in case anyone else finds these hard to find, They are called Staples “Better View Binders”.

C Garvin says:

Thank you so very much Alejandra! You have been my ‘Go TO’ for organization, for several years now, since I found you. You are my organization ANGEL 🙂 🙂 🙂

Gabriel Henderson says:

I got a better binder and it broke in a week

idek says:

Your so organised and your videos are so useful I spent 3 hours watching your videos

Noah Cumming-Turner says:

Cough cough OCD cough cough

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