Bargain garage storage: cheap lateral file cabinet in the shop

Here’s a deal on garage storage you can find if you’re willing to do some deal hunting. Lateral file cabinets are a great way to store bulky items in the shop. This video shows you what to look for.


Johny Harbinger says:

Stand-up two door metal cabinet is great for getting those tool kits in blow molded cases out of your tool box.

nel6211 says:

This is a good idea. You can sometimes find these for free on CL.

David Hamm says:

A very good idea ! I would like to add that if you find one without keys, there is usually a number stamped on the lock, which will allow any locksmith to make one for you !

Brandon Beaumia says:

Yes, yes, and yes. I have a 4-drawer lateral file cabinet with the hinged fronts, so I don’t even need to pull the drawer out to retrieve stuff most of the time (except for the bottom drawer). I can’t imagine owning enough handheld power tools to completely fill it up, so the last drawer is for PPE to go along with the tools. Works super well, and paid $80 for it at Goodwill.



Jeff Parker says:

I think I am going to go that direction in the near future also. Great tips, and a great video. Content like this is what keeps me hooked on YouTube!

East Texas Nomad says:

I never thought about bringing the “office” home. I have used laterals at work for years, good suggestion.

Troy Meredith says:

Habitat does have some amazing stuff. The one near me isn’t all that great or the good stuff is long gone before I can check. The 2 others on the other side of Orlando are fantastic; just a bit far. Good tip is to google your home store as many have Craigslist and FB pages that updates with new inventory & sales. I’ve gotten some good stuff that way.

jackfrost1031 says:

I prefer those to a cabinet with doors. I think drawers are easier to find stuff in.

grumpybill says:

Simple angle iron frame and casters makes this a great cabinet.

Bambi Creates says:

This was very helpful thank you

José Duarte says:

Wooden shelf from scrap wood. The filing cabinets can be had for free when people move and put them on the sidewalk. Wooden shelves are more space efficient and hold heavier stuff.

Arthur Dusome says:

I Have a 4 Draw Lateral Cabinet For My Shop,Not only will it hold tools But does a great Job Storing Shop Manuals and Other related Documents Thanks for posting this Video

Antonio Claudio Michael says:

This would be a great storage option for my tools I have alot of saws and grinders and alot of big tools that come in there own boxes

B.L. Alley says:

Great idea. Virtually all lateral files will have full-extension heavy-duty slides, but as you said the cabinet needs to be metal and the construction must be decent quality.

ouimetnick says:

What US General model was the red one at the end?

Steve Stoltz says:

I have that same identical cabinet. I use it for the same thing as you, corded power tools etc. Its size is great for sliding under a workbench, or in my case a small lathe/mill combo. I was fortunate enough to get mine from work for free, they remodeled the offices and were going to throw it out.

Dave Ceneskie says:

You may get better deals at government surplus centers, if you are fortunate enough to have one close by. I use an old 9 drawer microfilm cabinet for my hardware storage. In fact, most of my shop came from surplus. Including the old wooden desks that I use as work benches. Just replace the peg legs with 4x4s to jack them up to 36in.

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