Alex 5 Drawer DUPE + REVIEW

I went shopping at Michaels and found the perfect dupe for the Alex 5 drawer from Ikea for $35.99. I got 2 units for price of the Alex drawer. The links below are other dupes you find online or at Meijers if you have it in your region. Here is the site for Micheals for the Recollections 5 drawer unit,default,pd.html

Watch in HD for better quality. 🙂 💋

The measurements for the Recollections drawer are 19.21″ x 15.98″ x26.3″. Assembly Required approx. 1.5 hours.

The measurements for the Alex 5 drawer are Product dimensions
Width: 14 1/8 “
Depth: 22 7/8 “
Height: 27 1/2 “

Other dupes available online:


WhiteHawk says:

Anyone seen something like this in the UK?  The Ikea original doesn’t come in black over here, so annoying.

-ke-ke-too woozworld says:

will the dupe one be too short to make a vanity out of it

Paula Cronic says:

Where would I get the table top from if I don’t get it from ikea? Don’t have one near me

IconKumiho says:

not the same the size is different 

Mrs. Mom Next Door says:

I personally do not recommend the recollections version! I got it! The Recollections gives me SO many troubles! TFS!

MariArmaz1 says:

Quick question are they the same length?

LaItalianaLBC says:

Very helpful! Thx for sharing! Need to get one soon!

Kristen Ditchey says:

would the michaels dupe be high enough to lay a top across two of them for a vanity?

Leticia Lua says:

I want to make sure people watching this now read this…. I got this and it’s HORRIBLE. It’s so rough to open and close and the wood is total shit, comes apart so fast…. put together with plastic pieces that are even more awful. I do not recommend these.

Glam You Girl says:

IKEA drawer is taller though

Nicole Barberio says:

What is the height of the michaels one with out the wheel? I was not sure if the 26.3 in your comments of the video is an accurate measurement with out the wheels! Let me know 🙂

BeautybyElle says:

I got mines today and although it was exhausting to built, the screws that come with it are awful to the point where i had to buy wood glue to make it stick better, other than that it’s perfect!

Liddie Evans says:

I just want to say thank you for making this video I have been Want this for about 8 moths now

SunderhausLa says:

Has anybody tried out the one from Go Organize

Stephanie Schultz says:

Could you tell me how deep the drawers on the Alex are? As in how tall of items can be placed in it? Both the smaller top drawers and the bigger bottom ones? Thanks a lot!

Liz Foote says:

the Michaels ad will not come through 🙁 I checked my local store and they dont carry it. Which one do u have?

TheBeautyBenefit01 says:

I heard about this last week too! Totally want it!! Very helpful review girl! 🙂

Iyana Rose. says:

Just about to pick up an alex 9 I think xx

Chai Xiong says:

Wish I would’ve seen this video sooner!!

Carissa Stephens says:

I got my Alex dupe when the second day of the sale !! 🙂 happy with it!! For only 35 can’t beat it.. I just wish I had one big drawer but other then that its amazing 😀

Yarlin Vazquez says:

I love your videos”)♡

MyGirlyNails says:

I got the recollections 5 drawer unit today and i love it! I use it to store my nail polishes, and the only thing I have a problem with is the sliding out part because polishes are heavy to its kind of annoying but the storage part is great and I love the look of it. I got mine from Michaels and it was 50% off so I paid only $45

Mature Beauty & Skin Care says:

Just ordered 2 online….i guess that changed. Great video.

bebiixpenguin says:

Hey! I was wondering if the drawers of the Michaels Recollection one stops eventually when you pull it out, or would the whole thing just be easily pulled out? Thank you!

shanghei says:

whered you get all the plastic organizers for each drawer

fathellokitty xo says:

I rather have the dope

Melissa Leigh says:

It’s pronounced reck-oh-lection not re-collection.

Fab4less says:

Great ideas:)))

Tiaira Marie says:

R they the same in length

Minjee says:

Very very helpful

Melissa Munson says:

So it’s not s dupe then.. Because a “dupe” is a duplicate. Nothing something that looks kind of like something else but all the specs are completely different

steffers841 says:

In Canada these drawers from Michaels are $119 each :*( I just went to try to find one and it is cheaper to spend $80 on an Alex drawer from Ikea, and my nearest Ikea is 3 hours north

Tisha Renee' says:

I had my lil sister pick mine up this weekend..she works at Michaels, so I got 60% plus her employee discount..Great Deal!!

Eric Mezenberg says:

I just unboxed my Alex, there was a missing screw, I give it 2 stars.

Zaaz X says:

The Alex drawers do you have to fix them up to the wall

PinkCookie62 says:

Great info hun. Thanks for sharing! I may have to check this out. : ) xo

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