Uplift 900 Adjustable Desk Review

A video demonstration of the Uplift 900 Adjustable Desk in action. For more details read my full review here: http://www.andreasteed.com/node/1869


RockTheCage55 says:

Hi. I’m thinking on getting the same desk with the same top. I’m assuming you have the white eco top. I think they have a white laminate too. Have you found the white top prone to staining? Like black streak marks from sliding stuff around? I have a white banquet table currently that i’m using for my desk and its a mess (with stains). After spending this much for a desk it would bother me if it had a stain on it. I LOVE the look of the white though. I would appreciate a fast reply because i’m about to purchase it.

Andrea Steed says:

I don’t have any trouble with stability at the standing position. You *can* wiggle or move the desk if you lean on it or bump it, but with normal use (I paint as well) I don’t worry at all about it toppling or wiggling while I work. The legs of my desk are also extended to the widest possible width to accommodate my long desktop, so that lessens the stability some I’m sure.

sonypete says:

Ummm… You don’t have to hold the reprogrammed height buttons. 😉

maxinumarmor says:

How long did you finish with for length and width?

Walter Jr says:


RallyDNA says:

Since I draw and paint, could you tell me about the stability in the standing position, like in the 48” height.

honglee tan says:

Hi, I was thinking if you can do a review after almost a year of using it. would be nice if you can show some stability issue if any or any issue you had face.

Paul Renton says:

I just bought one of these and have a lot of trouble with the desk shaking… Any ideas?

King Coopa says:

wow i need to get one

Jeffrey Boyce says:

Hi Andrea, I was debating between the two:


Looks like you got the white greenguard laminate which is the only top I’m considering if I got the first. Are the corners fairly rounded? Is it a glossy or matte top? Does it feel sturdy/not cheap for the top and base? Also, do you know if they’ve updated the keypad so you don’t have to hold it down when you press a preset? Thanks!

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